The Ones Who Are Hopeful of My Happy Ending

I don’t know why, but there were two colleagues in two separated occasions today happened to tell me how they were hoping for my “happy ending”.

The first one told me that he was optimistic that I was going to meet someone I had been looking for. I’d find someone who could make me want to settle down. He said that, “If there is someone who is appealing to you, I’m sure that guy is super cool!”

Later in that conversation I told him, “But that guy doesn’t even exist.”

He replied, “I’m positive. I’ll look forward to meeting him, no matter who he is.”

A few hours later, another friend told me, “I really hope not only you succeed with your career, but also in your love life. That will be your ultimate happiness in life, you know. I hope you two find your way. I’ll be happy when you are.”

It really touched me to hear all that! I often think that many people are unhappy seeing me going well with my life. Me being single is the only pleasure for these haters and it could really hurt sometimes. Knowing that I still have these two friends and a few others who are rooting for my happy ending is somewhat unexpected to me. These people are hard to find but I’m lucky enough to have some along my way. It really makes me wonder what I did so well I deserve all this!

And you know what… it brings me hopes, somehow. It makes me want to believe again that I will too, have my happy ending. Yeah I know it’s not going to be as beautiful as it might seem, but you know… having someone to share my life with, the one who loves me more than anyone else on earth, the one who takes me with all I have and all my flaws… that would be nice to have. But then if I think about it… having people who truly believe in all that feels very nice too! Not only they always have my back when others want to bring me down, they also sincerely wish a happier life for me to live in. It’s lovely, isn’t it?

This is one of the times when I find myself that even though I don’t have everything that other people might have, I also have so many things that other people might never have. And to this, I’m beyond grateful.

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