Don’t Forget to Be Happy

When I was a teenager, there were a lot friends loved to write, “Don’t forget to be happy” in my diary book (it was some kind of a trend to write notes in each other’s diary back then). I didn’t take that phrase seriously as I thought it was just one popular sentence people loved to write at that time.

I didn’t really put attention to that phrase until I grew up and built my career. I met a lot of people who were so determined to reach their goals at work. I met a lot of people who went above and beyond to get promotions. I met a lot of people changed jobs from one company to another just to get a higher pay. I met a lot of them, but I rarely met happy people along my way.

When I just started my career 10 years ago, I told a friend of mine, “Money is not everything? Oh well, that’s a lie!”

But now… I’ve come to realize that money is not everything, indeed. My life is no longer a quest to get richer, it’s a pursuit of happiness instead. Everything is nothing unless I wake up with purpose, I get to work with excitement, I go back home with fulfillment, and I go to sleep with satisfaction.

Don’t forget to be happy, you deserve it.