What Makes Jakarta’s MRT So Special to Me?

It was not my first time taking MRT, but it was my first time taking Indonesian modern trains. The last memory I have in mind about Indonesian train was an economy train from Jakarta to Depok around 15 years ago. Getting back on Jakarta’s train and seeing such a beautiful train station with modern technology (exactly like what I saw in other countries) was just mind blowing to me. It might be nothing for someone else from other country, but to me, it’s a huge step forward for Indonesia!

Apart from the train itself, taking that train has made my nephew got really excited. He’s a big fan of train and he often told me how he wanted Indonesia to have the same train as he used to take in Singapore. Even my little niece and my other baby nephew were as excited as their older brother! Seeing them jumping around, running here and there, playing with the handhelds, or simply sitting by the windows and looking out to the scenery, all that has really made my day! I’m happy when they’re happy and it was one of the moments I find it’s so true when people say that happiness comes from the little things.

And one more thing. Other than my nephews and niece, my sister also took her kids’ sitter with us. And I never saw her that happy in the past 2 years since she started working for my family. She was so excited during the whole trip and she got more excited when she saw Bundaran HI for the first time! She politely asked my sister to take some pictures of her. We also then took a few pictures together and I told her, “Oh wow, now we all look like a tourist here, hehehehe.”

This MRT trip today has added one more reason for me to feel grateful of my life. I never thought that an MRT train experience could mean that big to someone else. My life has taken me to so many things that other people might have never seen, and I’m beyond thankful for that. I’m thankful of the little things as much as I’m thankful of the biggest ones. And I cannot ask for more.