What Kind of Traveler Am I?

What kind of traveler am I? Sea girl, city, mountain, or what? I would say; I’m down with everything.

I always love the blue sea, the corals surrounded by colorful fishes, the sounds of the waves and the clear blue sky! The best sea I’ve been? No doubt: Santorini Greece! The best white sandy beach? I’d still say Phi-phi island, Thailand. And the best underwater? Menjangan and Belitung, both in Indonesia. I can barely wait for my upcoming trip to Gili Trawangan next week!

I also love the mountain breeze. The sounds of the river, birds, and the crickets at night! And I’ve never been in any place compares to Ubud, Indonesia. It’s just the best!

Now let’s talk about the cities. The skyscrapers, the exquisite architectural design, and of course, the shopping town! My favorite? Singapore. Tokyo is too crowded, Seoul’s smell is a bit too strong to me, and Hongkong is good, but it’s hard to find decent halal food (not to mention the affordable ones). The next big city I’m planning to explore is Paris. Not only the cities, I’m also planning to live and explore the villages in France too!

Other than the modern vibes of the cities, I’m also enjoying the heartwarming traditional and religious sites. The best one is of course Kabah in Mekah. Being there somehow made me feel like coming home! Umraj is definitely different with any other trip I’ve ever had. The mosques in Turkey are also lovely and I love them too. From other religions, the golden shrine in Kyoto is beautiful and the monasteries in Meteora Greece are mind blowing!

What about the activities? Oh I love doing so many things a trip has to offer.

I can spend all day in an amusement park. I’ll be there before it opens and I’ll only leave after it closes. The best amusement park? Universal Studio, Singapore. Disneysea Tokyo at the second place. I always love every amusement park I’ve ever been though. I’m even a big fan of Dufan Jakarta! Can’t wait for my first visit to Disneyland Paris end of this year!

Next up is shopping. It’s common to me to spend one whole day just to shop from one place to another. From traditional markets (the best one: Ladies Market, Hongkong and Damnoen Saduak, Thailand) to air conditioned shopping malls (my favorite: Platinum Fashion Mall, Thailand), and of course, the outlet for branded items: one in Johor Bahru Malaysia, Gotemba Japan, and Citygate Hongkong. Now I look forward to visiting La Valee Village in France!

Now let’s go to the museums. I’m that kind of person who takes my times in a museum. I enjoy reading every passage in Andrea Hirata museum, Belitung Indonesia, or reading all stories behind the heartbreaking pictures in Saigon war museum. And one more thing: the cutest Teddy Bear museum in Jeju (speaking of Jeju, it reminds me to other museum for adults, hehehehe). I love museum so much I’m planning to buy three days Museum pass in Paris! I’m pretty sure it will be the greatest museum experience ever!

And not to be missed: watching the live show! From traditional show in Greece (the Greek wedding live show!) or Japan (you know, the geisha apprentice show), until ladyboy cabaret show in Phuket. The funniest I’ve watched: Nanta Show, South Korea. The most breathtaking: between The House of Dancing Water in Macau and Phuket FantaSea in Thailand. Coming up next: Moulin Rouge cabaret show in France!

Finally, here’s one activity that I always love to do wherever and whenever I go: taking pictures and having fun with it. At first, I only loved to let someone else taking pictures of me, but lately, I also enjoy taking selfies and many other random pictures with my phone. It’s really the best camera phone ever!

See? There is no short answer to the question I wrote in this blog title! Or if I really have to describe my traveling type in a few words, here is my answer: I am simply a happy traveler 🙂 And by the way, I know that I mentioned France a couple of times in this post, and that’s only because I know that I’m gonna love every day I spend in that country!

I’m still looking for a travel mate by the way. Join me? Hehehehe.


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