When My Life’s Knocking Me Down

It’s been just one month, but 2017 has been surprisingly tough to me. Right when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, well it even went farther than I could ever imagine. I could cry, I could blame and hate myself, but I refuse to do all that.

I prefer to have a new hair cut and well-shaped brows. I get my nails done. I take out my old favorite handbag and go to work in style (even if it’s Saturday and I barely see anybody in the office). I watch my favorite TV shows, sing my favorite songs, I eat all that delicious foods (and I finally gain more weights, thank God!), I laugh and I surround myself with the people who bring out the very best in me.

I’ve went so far in my life and I’m not going to stop now. Life is too short to live in misery, and the hard times is the only time that I can prove myself that I am as good as I said I was. I’m not a little girl anymore, I can’t cry and run hugging my Mom everytime I stumble and fall. I won’t try to find an escape from my problems, I’ll be right here, in my place, to keep fighting and winning my war.

And did you know what I learned from all these recent events? I learned that having problems doesn’t necesserily mean that I can only mourn all the day and night! Having problems should never stop me from having fun. Not only it distracts me from all the chaos in my head, but also it helps me to be calm, think straight, and stay wise. It has really made the burdens feel even lighter on my shoulders!

Life as a grown up will never ever be the same as our life as a teenager, let alone a little child. No matter how good you are, how hard you have tried, s*** will still happen anyway. And no matter how kind and nice person that you are, some people will also still throw some kind of s*** right in your face.

Finally, what I’m excited right now is knowing that I will have a rainbow after all these storms. At some point, things will go back on track and I will be one step ahead as a better person by then. And one more thing, I know that after all of this pass, I’m going to have one more “success story” to tell and to be proud of.

Happy weekend and have a great one!

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