Friendship Is…

Lately, I’ve been learning a lot of new definitons of friendship for life. It’s easy to have a friend to hang out with, but it’s never easy  to build a friendship to share our life with. That’s the only reason why the older you are, the less bestfriends you will have around.

Why do I say building a friendship is tough? 

Because friendship is accepting your friends’ imperfections and forgiving all their mistakes.

Friendship is being there for them even when you don’t feel like having anyone around.

Friendship is listening to the same stories over and over, about the people that perhaps you don’t know, and the topics that you’re not keen on.

Friendship is having each other’s back even when we feel that we disagree. 

Friendship is swallowing our desire to envy, to revenge, and to do all the bad things that we can think of.

And friendship is sticking up together even when we hate each other. 

Now… do you still think it’s easy to build?

It’s hard, that’s why it’s being said that friendship is actually a gift from us to ourselves. When we can push ourselves to be a decent friend to someone else, then we will also get a decent friend  for ourselves as a return.

It may take only months, but most of the times, you may need quite some years just to realize who your true best friends really are.

After so many ups and downs, I’m still believing that best friends forever is not a myth. I’m so glad and I’m so grateful that all these years, I trully know that I’m already on a right way.