Families Come First

img_1573-1I used to think that I was not so much of family person. I was very into my career (and I still am!), my hobbies, and all the things to do with everything this life has to offer. But then at some point,  as many things happened, many people left and moved on with their very own life, I started to realize that at least, I’ll always have my families to come home.

Everytime I make mistakes, my families always find a way to forgive me.

Everytime I’m sick, my families will be the ones taking care of me.

Everytime I’m hurt, my families will always be on my corner no matter what.

Everytime I’m defeated, my families are there to support my back.

And everytime I’m winning, my families are genuinely celebrating my victories with me.

The real families won’t break my heart just because they envy me. They make time for me. They don’t walk away when things between us got ugly. When things are broken, we fix them together, we don’t throw them all away as if they meant nothing to each and everyone of us. We did fall apart, but we stick together, because what we chase is being a family; the real one, until our very last breath.

At this point, I’ve started believing that we should really find a life partner who has a very strong bond with their own families. Staying close to families for decades is never an easy thing. We make mistakes and we make it up to each other, over and over again. If they manage to do that with their families, then most likely, when someday we are a part of their future families as their husband or wife, they will also be able to commit with us as a lifetime partner.

Put your families first, because at the end of the day, they are the only ones who will always wait for you to come back home.

When a Man’s Hero Instinct Goes Wrong

Spoiler alert! This post will tell you a little bit about the newest episodes of The Royals TV series.

I’m really upset with the last two episodes of The Royals season 3. Jasper; my favorite hot bodyguard in this TV show, decided to leave the princess just because of a threat from his own father all together with his insecurities of dating a royal. He did it to protect his girlfriend, for princess’ sake he said, but still, I would never decide to take that way if I were him.

I know that it’s just a drama, but I can totally relate to that kind of situation in the real life. Not that I’m a princess dating a bodyguard, it’s more about a man’s hero instinct that can go into a very wrong direction sometimes. And yes, this writing has something to do with my earlier post. You may want to read that one blog of mine before continuing to read this post.

Sometimes, men say that we deserve someone better. They say that they don’t deserve us. They say that what they do are for our own good. But the way we see it (at least, this is the way I see it), what they do is completely wrong.

Some men have to learn to believe that when we say we love you, we mean it with all our heart. And when we say that we love you, it also means that we can sincerely accept you just the way you are. You and every flaw that you have in you. So if you think that walking away from our lives is actually for our own good, well the truth is, it will only break our heart and leave us wondering what we did so wrong that you took off from us.

At this point, do you still think that what you did to us was a heroic decision?

When I really love somebody, lots and lots of bumpy roads with him is a lot better than one smooth ride without him by my side. Fighting this life with him side by side will take the same amount of efforts for me to move on and heal my heartbreak anyway. Yet somehow, many guys I met back in the past just couldn’t seem to get that. Initially I thought it was just me, but when I saw the same things also happen to some other girls, I started to question, “What’s wrong with (many) guys nowadays?”

Please no offense, guys. Any thoughts? Let me know!