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My South Korea Trip Budget

Posted on: May 18, 2013

Here it is… finally, my last post about my Korea trip last year. Budget yang gue tulis di sini 90% akurat, semuanya nyaris sesuai dengan actual expenditures gue kecuali buat urusan makanan. Selama di Korea, gue banyak jajan dan beberapa beli makanan yang harganya melebihi budget. Tapi sebetulnya, meal budget di bawah ini udah cukup banget kok.

So here we gobudget liburan gue, 9 hari 8 malam, termasuk liburan 2 malam di pulau Jeju:

Description  Per person  Remarks
 In KRW   In IDR 
Flight Jkt-Seoul       217,024    1,823,000 Air Asia round trip
Flight Seoul-Jeju       158,600    1,332,240 Jeju Air round trip
AirAsia Baggage       109,777       922,124 20 & 35 KG
Hotel – Incheon        50,160       421,340 Sky Hotel 1 night
Hotel – Jeju        63,333       532,000 Jazz Village 2 nights
Hostel – Seoul       133,333    1,120,000 Hongdae Guesthouse
Breakfast – 11 times        33,000       277,200 Fixed budget per meal
Lunch – 11 times        77,000       646,800 Fixed budget per meal
Dinner – 11 times        77,000       646,800 Fixed budget per meal
Entrance fee – Jeju        52,800       443,520 Various tourist attractions
Entrance fee – Seoul       215,000    1,806,000 Various tourist attractions
Airport transfer Gimpo        11,667        98,000 By train
Airport transfer Jeju          5,000        42,000 Taxi, 3 persons in 1 car
Car rental Jeju        60,000       504,000 www.jejudotourguide.com
Transport cost – Seoul        62,300       523,320 By train, and sometimes taxi
Bike rental in Nami        20,000       168,000 2 hours rental
Total budget   1,345,993  11,306,344

Ada pun tempat-tempat yang harganya sudah termasuk dalam ‘entrance fee‘ antara lain:


  1. Teddy Bear Museum;
  2. Ripley’s Believe It or Not;
  3. Chocolate Land;
  4. Trick Art Museum;
  5. Sunrise Peak;
  6. Manjanggul Cave;
  7. Maze Park;
  8. Jeongbang waterfall;
  9. Cheonjiyeon waterfall;
  10. Oeldogae rock;
  11. Jeju Glass Castle; and
  12. Jeju Loveland.


  1. Nami Island;
  2. Petite France;
  3. Korean Folk Village;
  4. N Seoul Tower;
  5. Everland;
  6. DMZ;
  7. Jump Show;
  8. Nanta Show;
  9. 68 City Observation Deck;
  10. Lotte World;
  11. Gyeongbokgung Palace; and
  12. Seodaemun Prison.

Please take note gue pergi ke sana satu tahun yang lalu; bulan Mei 2012. Bisa jadi, harga per hari ini sudah berbeda dengan harga saat itu. Happy budgeting!

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