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Guys, You Look Super Hot When You Do All These

Posted on: January 28, 2017

Maybe it’s just me, but this is my blog, my thought, and I think… men are super hot when they are doing all the things I write below 😉

Messy hair and a bit cranky

Some guys I know tend to have a messy hair when their days are going rough. I don’t know why but it looks very attractive to me. They look so serious, a bit cranky, and it only makes them even hotter! 

Driving a car

It’s not about a man having a car, it’s merely the way he looks when he’s driving. When I fall for someone who can drive, it really makes them look hot in my eyes. Just don’t ruin my fantasy by swearing to other drivers though. It’s not cool at all, hehehe.

Takes pictures of me patiently and smiles behind his lens

I love photoshoot. Like really really love it! And if I happen to meet someone who knows how to take a good picture of me, oh well, it really makes me feel so lucky! Nothing is more beautiful than seeing him smiling behind his lens when he’s taking a picture of me. 

Knows how to fix my IT problems

I have to admit… I have certain feelings with a programmer or anyone who can help me with my computer problems. It never ceases to awe me how his IT skill can make my life so easier. Seeing my crush very focus with his computer works can really make me fall deeper for him! It makes him look smart and cool!

Looks at me so deeply and he doesn’t look away when I catch him staring at me

It’s a man up to me if he’s bold enough to let me know that he is looking at me at that moment. I always enjoy the warmth I see in his eyes. It’s the best way for me to learn how much he cares about me.

Dare to tell me what I did wrong and how to fix this

Believe it or not, there are not much of people giving me advices on what I should do with my life. It’s not that I need the advice, but a brave man who can do that wisely is very hard to find. A real man tells me what he has in mind, he knows that he doesn’t have to always agree with everything I say and do. That way, he helps me to be a better person, doesn’t he?

He can do what I can’t do and he does something about it

I’m not that kind of girl who often asks someone else’s help. If I can do it myself, I’ll do it myself. Even when I don’t know how to do it, I’ll try to figure it out myself before I ask for some helps. But still… having someone who can crack my problems without being asked can be very helpful! It will instantly make him look like a hero to me.

Help me with the little things

Having said I love it when he helps me with the things I can’t handle myself, I also love it when he takes care of me in the little things in life. Take me something to eat, help me with heavy stuffs, drive me home in the middle of the night… Well, a woman is just a woman regardless how independent she is!

Listens to me carefully and remembers every single story correctly

I’ve come to learn that a man is basically not a good listener, except when he falls for someone. I really love to know that he listened carefully all the stories I used to tell. It makes me feel like he is a perfect match to me!

He’s fighting so hard just to be with me

Many years ago, I let go of someone like this out of my life. If you ask me one biggest mistake I ever did, this must be my number one answer. I used to think that I would still find someone like him, but I’ve started to worry that I was wrong. Nothing is more manly than a man who is willing to do the extra miles just to be with me. Deep in my heart, I still hope that someone, the right one, will come along.

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I’m not a funny person. I’m not good at mingle with random people. I’m fierce, I’m a straight-talker, I get annoyed easily, and I have this resting b face that makes me look angry all the times. I’m not that kind of person whom people would miss when I’m not around.
But you know what?
I’m okay with all that flaws I have in me. Nobody is perfect, and neither am I. At the same time; everyone on earth is special, and so am I.
I know my worth. I know what I’m very good at. I know what I want and I work hard to make it happen. I’m a go getter and I fight my battles. I’m not an angel, but I’m not a devil either.
I was born to be the very best of myself, and just because I don’t always have what others have, it doens’t make me less as a person inside out. I’m whole just the way I am, and I’m beyond grateful of all that. I know that my career has been a bit of trouble for my personal life. I admit that it feels like a loss to me sometimes, but you know what? I don’t feel sorry about all that, not a even just a little bit.
My career has given me a comfort bed to sleep, taken me to the places I’ve never seen, brought me to the incredible people who end up as my best friends, and most importantly, it has really made my parents proud. I can sleep tight at night knowing that at least, I can support my parents after their retirements.
The way I see it, there’s nothing bad about all that, so why should anybody in my position feel sorry and less proud about their own hard works?
Don’t let anybody make you feel less than who you are. Make yourself and your loved ones proud, and for me, the rest doesn’t matter at all.
Be great, women! Whatever you choose to do for your own life, be great at it and don’t feel sorry for anything good in your life! Happy International Women’s day and stay awesome! My life has been going great in the past one month. Incredibly busy, but I can’t be happier.
I work my new job during the weekdays and work on my own start-up all over the weekends. It’s tiring and consuming all my energies, but it never feels like a hard work somehow.
I meet many people who are super friendly, I get to work with new challenges that test me every single thing I’ve learned in my entire career, and at the same times, I still manage to pursue my lifetime dream! For the first time ever, I understand how it feels like to love what I do that I never have to work a day in my life.
God, thank YOU for all these blessings! I often said I couldn’t ask for more, yet again, You gave me more and more reasons to be thankful over and over. I’m beyond blessed! Alhamdulillah.

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