How Should I Start 2017?

Okay, today is the first day of 2017. How should I start this year? The first thing came to my mind is to completely let go of things I lost in 2016. What’s done is done, there’s nothing I can do to change that. So here are the things I should do, starting from now!

I have to stop wondering what went so wrong. What I did wrong.

I have to stop asking myself what if I did what I did differently.

I have to stop analyzing if there is anything I can do to make (all those broken) things right.

I have to stop pushing myself to change the things that I can’t change.

And finally, I have to stop pursuing the ones that got away. I have to stop hoping for another chance.

I have spent many months in 2016 to do all that, and now it’s time to stop. Now it’s time to look forward and start the 365 days ahead!

I have a long list to do. I have some places I want to go. I have a lot more dreams to fulfill. And I have no time for the same old drama this year.

2017, here I go!

2016; The Best Year of My Life

As written earlier, I was a little bit in doubt if 2016 was the best year of my life. I know that I won a lot of things back in 2016 (a lot more than I ever did in the previous years!), but I also know that I lost some things that really mattered to me back then. The sadness, disappointment, and the anger have made 2016 less than a perfect year to myself.

I was in doubt, until just yesterday. Many things happened in the last few days in 2016 that sort of reminded me how wonderful 2016 was. I also realized… if I have to wait until I have one flawless year with just victories and no downfall, then I will never ever have any best year for the entire life. And all those downfalls… they have made me learn (more) on how to get back up on my feet again. 2016 told me that some people will always try to throw at me many reasons to cry, but I’ve got to keep smiling anyway. Life is too short to be unhappy, remember?

Besides, seriously… 2016 was truly wonderful to me!

My career was up high on the sky, even higher than I had ever been before. More than the promotion (VP before 30! Yaay!) and the monetary rewards I earned during the year, I also got many appreciations that made me feel more proud of myself. Just a little thing like a handful of invitations to top management meeting (including the one with Jack Ma!) has really made me feel so much appreciated. And of course, that one week at Alibaba office at Hangzhou has definitely made me feel like I was indeed a part of that one huge business empire. Thanks to Lazada for the incredible 2016!

In 2016, I also reunited with some old best friends of mine. Being with them again has finally made me realize… not everyone has what I have with them. Best friends who get mad when I am wounded, or get angry when someone else badmouth about me. Best friends who think of me as a part of their families. And best friends who do their very best to figure out on how to solve my personal problems. Not everyone has that, but I do . We reunited and we all learned how to become a better friend for each other. We (including the ones who continuously stayed with me for the past years) hope that best friends forever is not just a myth!

Other than friendship and career life, 2016 was also another year of learning to me. I learned how to love someone unconditionally, I learned how to let go what was not meant to be, I learned how to forgive; well I simply learned how to be a bigger person inside. I’m proud that this year, I have proven to myself how I managed to keep my faith on humanity. Just because some people broke my trusts doesn’t mean all people around me will always do the same. I won the battle with myself and it was definitely another victory to celebrate!

Also happened in 2016, I managed to visit 10 countries only in one year! At least to me, it was my highest record. What’s even better, I really enjoyed all of those trips I had. Coming back from one trip only made want to go for another trip. And it’s very enjoyable to me to see how beautiful my Instagram pictures I posted along this year! Those picture are telling me how I have lived my very own dream, notably in 2016.

Finally, I also had a few others unforgettable moments by the end of 2016.

My 30th birthday was surely the best I’ve ever had! I received some early birthday gifts from my best friends, a lot of wishes right on my birthday, the birthday party I threw, and the after party surprises I had from my friends (I still received birthday gifts even until 3 weeks after the party!).

Other than that, my niece was born in December 2016. I finally had a chance to buy all those pretty little things for her, in pink!

And then started two days ago, my year-end celebration was truly one of a kind! I went hiking with a friend (wearing dresses and full make-up on my face!) to take some beauty shots and we pretty much nailed it! I also joined BBQ party with his families and friends where many of them have really tried to make me blend in as a part of them (you know, I’m very shy with strangers, hehehehe). It was one of the moments I felt the beauty of diversity (yes, my friend and I are kind of living in two very different worlds).

Don’t you see? 2016 was an amazing year to me. And if I have to admit it, that was the exact same reason why I lost some battles in the same year. I went so far in 2016, I earned a lot as the returns, and not everyone was okay with that. I know I did a few mistakes, but so did everyone else! Out of the blue, I was never good enough for them. But now I have come to realize… it was not me, it was them. I have tried my best to get them back, but at some point, I just gave up and I moved on. I loved them, but I love myself more. And I deserve better. I deserve to be treated better.

Apart from all the heartbreaks, I only want to remember all the good things happened to me in 2016 (the lessons I learned from the downfalls were also the good things to remember!). I felt so much loves this year and it has made my life seems to be a better place. A great place to live I would say. My hard works (as a worker, as a friend, and as a person) were totally paid off along the year.

So… 2017… you have a very high bar to compete! I have many bigger dreams to aim and I really hope that I can make it all happen this year. Let’s start the first day in 2017, let’s start to make many dreams to come true!

Happy new year 2017!