Someone Who Loves You

Did you know? Someone out there, explicitly or secretly, love you sincerely with all they have.

They believe in you even when there’s no one else does.

They see the good things in you that no one else can see.

They’ll always stand by you even when no one seems to understand their feeling for you.

They miss you, care about you, prioritize you when everyone else gets busy with their life.

They make time for you. For your stories. They cherish every moment they share with you.

Your dreams are their dreams. They are your very best supporter. They’re always there, right in your corner.

They are hurt when you’re hurt. They don’t laugh when you stumble and fall. They mean it when they say you never need to be alone.

And did you know?

They mention your name, repeatedly, in their prayers.

Even when you hurt them so badly, they still wish for nothing but the best for you.

When they let go, they still hope all the best for you, and your future to come.

Most of the times, it takes courage just to love somebody. They put their heart on the line just to let you know how much they love you. And when somebody loves you selflessly, they will always put you before themselves. They compromise, over and over again, just to keep their love alive.

Don’t you see? You should be thankful that you do have someone who loves you that much. Being in love is a choice, but being loved by someone else is a privilege. It’s a bless.

Love them back in a way that they deserve, or if you can’t, at least, do treat them with some respects. You’re not completely who you are without having the ones who love you, with all your flaws, genuinely and unconditionally.

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