The Little Things I’m Happy About

People says that happiness comes from the little things and lately I find it definitely true! You don’t need to have a big reason in life just to be happy.

To me, in the past one month, happiness was when I…

  1. Received a voice note from my nephew after one long day at work;
  2. Met a pleasant taxi or Uber driver and had a nice chat along the trip;
  3. Ordered a mineral water from a Gojek driver (it’s only because I’m too lazy to walk to the pantry upstairs, hehehehe) but apparently, the café only sold the food. Then the driver went somewhere else just to buy the water for me (without being asked!);
  4. Met an old friend’s Mom and she said that I looked 5 years younger than I was, hehehehe;
  5. My friend’s son called me “the pretty Aunty” 😉
  6. My best friend asked her boyfriend if he knew someone potential to be my date (she hasn’t got one but I appreciate the effort, seriously, hehehehe);
  7. Planned a birthday bash next month and a few friends helped to connect me with some contacts to make it happen;
  8. Had new lunch mates (I have known them for a while though) and we had a couple of good laughs during the meals;
  9. Bought a pretty dress with size M (because it was the last size remained) and my Aunty offered to fix the size for me, and for free, hehehehe;
  10. One of my ex-best employees told me that she had returned to Jakarta and she was interested to join my team again!
  11. My birthday is one month away but I already received two gifts from my friends;
  12. Had a bad day and an office mate offered to have coffee and chat at 24 hours café. We went home at 2 AM and I felt a lot better;
  13. My sister was so pissed when I was hurt. I just knew that no matter what happened, I would always have someone in my corner;
  14. Sleep tight and eat a lot! My appetite is back!
  15. Received a few texts from my friends asking if things got better recently. Their texts have made my days better already 🙂

I have a lot of problems, I know, but I also have a lot more blessings to celebrate.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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