5 Only Things that Matter to Me

I read somewhere in my social media about 5 important matters in a grown up’s life. I read it and I could really connect to every single word in it. I forgot where I exactly I read the quote but I still remember what I want to write and share in this blog. 

Here we go… five things that matter to me in every relationship I have as a grown up!


I’m no longer in the mood of having a relationship where I have to doubt every single sentence they say to me. I need to believe that everything they say is true. I need to believe that the relationship is true. No hidden agenda, no lies, not a fake relationship to begin with.


I just think that I’m too old to change my mind back and forth like a teenager and I don’t expect such thing in every relationship I have. We should know where we stand, what we want, and where we’re heading to. 


There will always be the ups and downs in every relationship, but, a grown up is not supposed to have a relationship where somebody stormed out and took off just like none of it mattered to them. People on my age already have too much of people leaving, all that we need are simply the people who are willing to stay.


It’s always comforting to have someone who’s always there in my corner. Having my back. Support me and endorse me even when they disagree. On top of all that, they are the ones who will stick with me even when things between us are not always pretty. It’s a kind of relationship we need to make us feel anything but lonely.


A true relationship is built on honesty. I respect and I cherish the people who are bold enough to tell me the truth. The ones who tell me what they have in their minds. The ones who do not mind to be real, to be vulnerable around me. The way I see it, it’s a sign of the highest level of a comforting relationship. It’s the one that can last for a lifetime.

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