Will that Mr. Right be Any Different with Your Ex?

A few months ago, I told an old friend of mine that the only reason why I was still single was merely because I hadn’t found the right person just yet. Surprisingly, he told me that it was not the real reason. He said, “You’re just too lazy to make it happen.”

I often hear people say that the right person will come along. One thing that people rarely admits is that in fact, a right person doesn’t make everything any easier. At the end of the day, it will take an equal amount of efforts just to keep going with this person. The only reason why you call him as your right person is that he is the one who’s willing to fight the battles and win the war for you, and you both are determined to spend the rest of your lives together.

This one person may not be better than you ex. He will also come with flaws, a lot of it, and he’s not so much different with your ex in a way he too makes you mad, makes you cry, and makes you wonder if you’ve been doing the right things. Did you know? 90% of brides to be I know had doubts about their weddings. What I’m trying to say, the chances are… you will never find someone whom you’re 100% sure about. The only thing that makes him different with your ex is that this time, you’re willing to get rid of your doubts to start a life with him in it.

All these facts got me thinking… maybe, it’s not about finding someone who is right for me. Because maybe, it’s about me finding myself. And it’s not that the men from my past were wrong, it was just that the timing wasn’t right for both of us. Both of us hadn’t had enough lessons on how to be right for each other.

Life has taught me that nobody is perfect, and that’s the first step. I have given up trying to find someone who is exactly like what I want. I finally accept the fact that I will never get to say this on my wedding day, “He’s everything that I always want.” There’s always a “but” in my sentence when I describe him, and that’s okay.

I’ve also learned that everyone, no matter how kind he is, will eventually hurt me. He will disagree with me, we will have a couple of fights, he will break my heart and make me upset. I will never find someone who ALWAYS, from times to times, makes me completely happy. No matter who he is, it will never be an easy road between us, and that’s okay too.

And then finally, I’ve come to learn that my life, my rule, my decision. No matter who he is, people will always have something to say. I will never find someone whom everyone approves. He won’t be able to please everyone I know, and he doesn’t have to!

I write this not because I have finally found my Mr. Right. I think it’s better that I write it now so that people won’t presume that I’m talking about my spouse :p Whether it’s right or wrong, I’ll see about that. Very soon, I guess 😉

You and your future man will come along to each other, and right now, both of you are still learning how to be right for each other. Keep going and you’ll get there. I know I’ll get there, someday.

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