The Relationship Goals

Until just a little while ago, I used to wonder what I did so wrong that my past relationships never lasted long or even never happened in the first place.

Is it something that I said?

Should I be more obvious on the way I felt about him?

Should I be nicer, less moody, more patient, more like many other girls that I know? Really? Should I really be so much less of myself?

Or maybe, I shouldn’t do this and that to keep him around, should I?

But then lately I realized… They; all those guys from the past, just didn’t feel the same way like I used to feel about them. Because if they did really care about me, then they would never give up on me. They, together with myself, would always try to find a way to make it work between the two of us.

If both of us really wanted to make it happen, then no matter how many mistakes we had done to each other, we’d always try to forgive each other. If there was any doubt, insecurity, and confusion between us, we would ask and talk like an adult. And if we really loved each other, as much as we tried to bring out the best of each other, at the end of the day, we would still accept each other just the way we were.

It takes two to tango; a relationship can’t work if both of us don’t do the work. I couldn’t be perfect, he couldn’t be perfect, yet we should always try to live with that anyway.

Don’t blame yourself way too hard if someone you love does not love you as much as you love them. Don’t feel too much less than who you are, don’t feel worthless, don’t feel like all mistakes are on you. Love yourself enough to move on, or maybe, to fight for it – properly – just one more time.

Whatever it is, always do remember: when two people really care about each other, they – both of them! – will always find a way to make it work. No matter how hard it is. Period.

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