Thing to Do Over My Weekends

Got super busy at work in the past three weeks and it left me with tons of things to do! It’s nothing important to read and you can just skip it if you want.

  1. Set up my new laptop. The shortcuts settings, the background picture and the screensaver. I like it when my laptop doesn’t look like any other laptop;
  2. Clean up my phone storage. I often transfer original pictures from SLR to my phone and it has really consumed my phone’s storage. It will take times for me just to get it done and it’s only because I’d love to keep most of those gorgeous pictures in my phone, hehehehe;
  3. Rearrange my closet. It’s already full, it’s messy, and it has made searching for the clothes I want to wear become so difficult!
  4. Read the books that I’ve bought since many months ago! Some of them are even still perfectly sealed!
  5. Throw away expired products in my fridge! It’s so embarrassing every time people comes visiting and I realize that I actually have nothing to serve, hehehehe;
  6. Home spa. I’ve forgot the last time I scrubbed, polished my nails, and turned my facial steamer on;
  7. Get myself new songs in my playlist!
  8. Check to the landlord if they still have any bigger room with bigger closet. This super small wardrobe has really stopped me from buying new clothes, hehehehe;
  9. Go to Grand Indonesia to redeem my shopping vouchers before it passes its expiration date!
  10. Go to Olivier just to taste their legendary Vietnames coffee. It has nothing to do with the murder by the way. It’s just because I went to Vietnam last week and I’m falling for their coffee!

God, please give me more Saturdays and Sundays to get this all done!