When I Fall in Love…

When I fall in love, I will do the things I don’t usually do. Sometimes, it’s so stupid and childish, but did you know? I like myself when I fall in love.

When I fall in love, I will think of him everytime I dress up and look myself in the mirror. His opinion if I look pretty is the only opinion that matters.

When I fall in love, I can be such a coward sometimes. I can ask everyone if they want to join me to a movie but him. Tell me to make the first move, my hands will be cold just in a second!

When I fall in love, the smile and laugh because of him will last longer. I just can’t help myself to smile alone just because I still have his jokes deep in my mind.

When I fall in love, I will be his number one social media fan. I may not read his posts in the same minute he posts, but there is nothing I will miss.

When I fall in love, I can be so patient and so forgiving. People may say that I’m stupid, but I would say that when you love someone, you love him with all his flaws.

And finally, when I really really fall in love, I don’t need a bunch of reasons just to fall for him. I just look at him and I tell myself, “Oh, I really love this guy!”

I don’t fall in love easily, but when I do, I mean it with all my heart.

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