3 People I Thank in Life

Yesterday was really a good day to me. It made me look  back to my past and I felt really grateful for everything that I had been through. And it just hit me… Maybe, I would never get that far without many people who helped me to make it happen!

It’s not only about the people who helped me to succeed my career by the way. It’s also about the people who made me a better and happier person! It’s about the people who helped me to live the life I always wanted!

From all those people, I think I can narrow them down to 3 categories only. So here they are! Three people that I really want to say thank you just for being a part, even just a very small one, in my life path.

People who tell me the truth

Good thing or bad thing, it’s always important to me to hear the truth.

When people genuinely says good thing about me, it always makes me put more belief in myself. It makes me more confident for who I am and it really helps me to find me. Sometimes, all that rough things in life tend to make me incapable to see the good things in myself. It really feels good to have someone who reminds me that I’m not that bad. Not at all.

On the other side, when people says unpleasant truth about me, of course I will get hurt, I may get angry for a while, but then I will ask myself, “Is that true? And if it’s true, what can I do about it?” At the end of the day, critics (the TRUE ones) also help me to become a better person! And I really appreciate the people who tell me that because I know it’s not an easy thing to have courage just to tell me that ugly truth. So thank you for being real!

People who believe in me

I used to be very insecure about myself. I doubted if I could do what I wanted to do. But then I met many people in my life who changed that.

A puppy love who brought out the very best in me.

A friend who encouraged me to do the ‘unimaginable’.

A lecture who told me I would go far in my career.

A boss who convinced me that I could be a good manager even though I was only 25.

And many other bosses who pushed me to take chances (and also gave me all those chances) at work.

They can be very demanding. Very pushy. Very annoying sometimes. They could be so honest it hurt. But they did all that because they had a huge belief in me. They wanted all the best for my own life!  It’s very heartwarming that they believe in me a lot more than I do in myself!

But did you know? After I finally conquered it all, I realized all that I conquered was actually just me. The greatest barrier I had to deal with was my self-doubt, fears, and insecurities. I’m glad that I met the people who helped me to deal with it. So thank you, thank you, and thank you!

People who underestimate me

There was a reason why I could be so insecure when I was younger.

The people who told me that I was ugly and stupid.

The people who laughed at my dreams…

And the people who said they were sorry that I would never ever make it in life.

It’s not that they are my number one motivation or something like that, it’s just that they have made all my victories felt even merrier! Knowing that I’ve proved them wrong always make me feel good about myself. They may never know that they were wrong, but who cares? That self-satisfaction is all that I need! So for all those people, thanks for saying all that awful stuffs! At least, you have really given me a good story to tell, hehehehe.

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