A journey to remember

Why Do I Blog?

Posted on: September 22, 2011

  1. Because I’m not good on expressing my feeling to others… I never say that I love my families, friends, or whoever it is, except in my blog 😀
  2. I want to let people around me know that I highly appreciate their presences in my life. Again, I’m not good on making people believe that they are important to me until I share some things about them in this blog. That’s why sometimes, I write about people in my daily activities to let them know, and to let the others know the way I feel about them;
  3. Sometimes, it’s better for me to give an advice to somebody through this blog. I’m afraid if I tell this straight to them, my intonation, expression, and gestures would hurt the people whom I talk to;
  4. I could stay true in blog. I could pretend like I’m okay in my Facebook status, but I don’t know why… I only could write something which is actually on my mind in this blog;
  5. I could share so many useful information through this blog… even to strangers who google something until they find what they’re looking for in this blog;
  6. I want to share my dreams to others… and hope that it could inspire the readers to have a dream then try to make it come true;
  7. I could meet certain new people though this blog. It’s nice having new friends who support me to keep writing and pursue my dream as a professional writer;
  8. This blog is a documentation of my journey of life. I love it when I read the things I wrote back in the past. Memories could be erased as the time goes by, but this blog… it would be an eternity;
  9. Seeing increasing number in my blog statistic is very addictive, hehehehehe; and
  10. Finally, I write a blog because writing is a part of me. It makes me happy, it is a thing which I want to do for the rest of my life. I easily get bored at work, but… I never can get enough of writing something.

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