A journey to remember

Zodiak Gue Hari Ini

Posted on: June 29, 2011

Sebenernya, gue bukan tipe orang yang percaya sama zodiak. Tapi waktu lihat ada aplikasi zodiak di Android Market, akhirnya gue tergoda juga buat download aplikasi itu. It seems like this is a must have item for every android phone. Untuk aplikasi zodiak ini, gue memilih Better Horoscope yang gratis dan katanya, memiliki ramalan yang paling akurat.

Trus tadi malem, iseng-iseng gue buka apikasi ini buat baca ramalan zodiak harian gue. Dan benar aja lho… isinya sangat akurat menggambarkan apa yang gue pikirkan dan rasakan sepanjang hari!

Berikut ini isi ramalan gue buat tanggal 27 Juni 2011..

“Someone who’s all talk and no action needs a reality check today. Supply it.”

“Sometimes when you finish a journey, you arrive at a place that looks very different from what you thought it was going to look like. You might be disappointed, you might be pleasantly surprised; but you should definitely be hopeful that things will get better. You are where you need to be, and if you aren’t happy about the accommodations, be patient. Learn to live with it and explore what it offers. This place you are in has much more to offer than you realize.”

Berkat isi ramalan ini, gue jadi membulatkan tekad buat tetap bertahan. Bukan karena gue menelan bulat-bulat isi ramalan gue ini, melainkan karena gue ngerasa mendapatkan nasihat yang tepat. Lagipula gue percaya bahwa sebetulnya, tempat ini adalah jawaban dari Tuhan saat dulu gue berdoa minta diberikan jalan keluar. So I think I have to give it some times. There must be a good reason that God brought me to this place right? Hope someday I’ll realize that this is a right place for me at the moment.


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