My Wedding Speech

No, I write this not because I’m about to get married. This blog is actually a guidance for me to choose the man I’m gonna marry. If he can’t make me say all these speeches on my wedding day, then he’s not the one.

Here we go! My wedding speech.

“Being with him is everything I’ve ever read about a Mr. Right. One day I looked at him and I told myself, “I finally met the right one.”

With him, I never have to worry whether or not he would call. Because he would. No matter how busy he is, he makes times for me.

With him, I never have to wonder where we are. Because he clearly shows me what he wants. He let me know… that he wants me. He wants a future together with me.

With him, I never have to hide who I really am. He has seen the worst in me and he still loves me for who I am. He takes me with all my flaws. And he makes me feel okay not to be perfect.

He makes me feel safe because I know he will always be in my corner, he will always find a way to forgive me, and no matter how upset he is, he will still stay with me, for better or worse.

When I was a teenager, I used to tell my sister that I would only marry someone who makes me better than I was yesterday. And he does.

And then I also told a friend that I would only marry someone who makes me believe that no one out there loves me as much as he loves me. And he does that too.

Today, all those heartbreaks back in my past has finally made a perfect sense. It all happened so that I could stay single until I met him. It took me a while until I found him, but I finally did.

He’s my Mr. Right, he’s the love of my life, and I cannot ask for more.”

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