These are The Reasons Why a Relationship Often Ends up Disappointing

Every relationship is oftentimes beautiful in the beginning but then it turns disappointing along the way. And here’s why.

In the beginning, you might love them for believing in you and bringing out the very best in you. You feel motivated, delighted, until someday that very same person started to feel differently. Life happened and it upset them. They were pissed, and it made you feel bad of yourself. You felt like they no longer had any faith in you. You were disappointed knowing that you might have failed the persons who believed in you.

In other case, you might fall for them for their kindness. You admired them for so many good reasons they had in them. In the beginning, they never ceased to wow you over and over. At the end of the day, they were only a human with tons of downsides. You started to realize that they were not as perfect as you thought they were. And then it hurt you; your very own expectations on them ended up disappointing yourself.

Or maybe in the beginning, you chose them because they were always there for you, for better or worse. They made you feel you were not alone. But then life got rough and they struggled to survive on their own. They were no longer available for you, they needed their times alone, and it made you feel like you were left behind. You were disappointed that you had to feel alone all over again.

And finally, most of the times, you fell for the people who completed you. They helped you, they took care of you in a way no else would. You found your comfort place until at some point, your dependance on them burdened their shoulders. They started to burn out and they seemed distant from you. They were right there with you but it just never felt the same again.

What is actually the problem here? The real problem behind our disappointment is actually the expectation that we unconsciously keep back in our mind. We expect all the good things between us and them will never change. We are not prepared to see the worst shapes of them nor to experience the bumpy road ahead of you. We overvalue and we create an illusion of one perfect person to be loved. When we fall in love, we tend to forget that they’re only one ordinary human with their own flaws, failures, and life problems. We want fairy tale despite the fact that we actually live in one harsh imperfect life.

Relationship is a lifetime effort. It will never ever be perfect, but if you choose the right person to make all those great efforts to get through all barriers in life, then at least, it’s going to be worth it.

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