The Next Big Thing: My Dream Life!

I’m grateful with all I have. Really. It’s just that at this point, it feels like I’ve reached the end. If God permits, I do have chances for some more promotions at work. I will still travel the world; one new place in a time. I will still do what I’ve been doing since the past years, but that’s that. I’ve spent too many times in between of my office walls, the same walls, day and night, over and over.

But don’t get me wrong. It’s not about my job. It’s my life in general. I really need to do the things I never did before. I want to pursue all those forgotten dreams. I want to start a new life, a new challenge, a new set of stories to tell! I know that I’m living my dream but I want to start a new dream!

What do I want precisely? How do I describe the next dream life of mine?

I want to travel to work. Go somewhere and make business out of it. I want to expand my business meetings from the high rise building walls to somewhere out there. A business meeting by the beach? That would be lovely!

I want to make a living from something that I really love, inside out! I want to do the things I’m always passionate to do! I want to have not only a dream job, but also a dream career!

I want to wake up in many beautiful places on earth. In some days, I only want to sit with a laptop on my lap, writing my novel until late at night. I can picture myself sitting on a deck with a mountain view right in front of me!

I want to have enough times to pursue my study. I’m craving to learn. To compete with who I was yesterday!

I want to meet a bunch of new people. Expand my networks and hear more varieties of life stories. A lot more than just a corporate drama!

I want to have enough times to pamper myself. To be who I really want to be. I want to make sure that I’ll have it all done before I die!

Does it sound too good to be true? I don’t think so… And I hope it’s not too good to be true! This time, just one time in my life, I want to challenge myself to do the impossible. And I hope, this time too, God will bless my path along the way. Like He always does. Hope He always will.

My new dream life: here I come!

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