Which One is Better? Single or Married?

IMG_8634Which one is better? Single or married? I had a casual chat with a couple of friends that lead me to that question. Most of my friends (on the same age as mine) are married. Which one is happier? This single me or those married friends?

Other people are planning their families. How many children they will have? What would be the best school for them? Their life seems to be well planned! In the same time, the only plan I have for my personal life is like, “Where should I travel next?” And there I go to the places I’ve never seen before. I come home with a lot of beautiful pictures to be gradually uploaded to my Instagram.

Other people have their families to look forward to back at home. In the same time, I come home to an empty room. Working late at night never seems too bad to me. I’m packed with my everyday job during the days, so that I work at nights just to figure out, “What’s next? What can I do better now?” And there I do the extra miles that comes back to me with the extra rewards.

Other people plan out their future carefully. They save for a bigger place to live. A family car.  And their children’s education fund. Their money is well spent! In the same time, I am just still the same old me. Leather handbags and my closet just never seems to be good enough to me. And there I have all the things that I always dreamed of. If I want it, I get it, and I’ll be happy with it.

Other people spend their weekends with the loved ones. The beloved husbands and all those cute kids! Their life seems to be merrier than mine! In the same time, I sleep alone in my room and wake up late. And there I can do all the things I can’t do over the weekdays. I write my blogs. I read new books. I watch my favorite TV shows. Home spa. And all the things I’d love to do to pamper myself.

Other people have a bigger family to spend time with. Their parents in law. Their siblings in laws. They have more houses to be called as home. Isn’t that lovely? In the same time, just like many many years ago, I only have my parents, two brothers, one sister, and my best friends. So there I always have times for them. I’m never too busy for them. I always have time to meet them up and have some fun.

So… which one is better? Single or married? The way I see it, nothing is better than one another. Being single has its own perks, and I love that!

Someday (Insyallah), I’ll get married too. I’ll have a husband to come home to. I’ll have someone to share and plan my life with. I’ll have more people in my families, and I’ll have one or two kids to love and raise. I know I still have to wait, but until then, I will always always live in every single moment of my life. That’s the way I love myself, that’s the way I thank God for this decent life He has given to me.

Single, married, all you need to do is just be happy with your life! Be happy, and nothing else would matter to you.

Happy weekend!

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