The Art of Forgiveness

A few years ago, there was a speaker in a motivational training told the audiences, “You can’t control what people would say or do to you, but you can definitely control how you feel about that. Hence when you get hurt, it’s actually your own decision to let them get under your skin.”

Initially I thought, it was just another quote of the day, but then that quote has eventually changed my perspective. I just realized that people will always have their ways to hurt and break my heart.

The people who keeps bragging the things that I don’t have.

The people who keeps saying bad things about the things I’m so proud of.

The people who is trying to hurt me with their jokes.

The people who can’t seem to stop trying to ruin my happiness.

Or the people who tend to take me for granted over and over again.

If I let myself get hurt evertime someone breaks my heart (intentionally or accidentally) then I would spend the rest of my life in pain!

The higher I stand, the more people will try to take me down. Then no matter how good I am, I will still be imperfect and people will still manage to find my flaws if they want to. And the deeper and the more sincere I love, the more chances I will get hurt.

I’ve come to realize that life is too short to be miserable. If I can get over it and stay happy with my life, then why should I let myself be consumed by rage, hatred, and resentment?

I know that I still yell when I’m angry. I also know that I can be very cynical when I start disliking someone I know. But that’s just that. I don’t want to spend every second of my life hating them. I don’t want to let them haunt my mind and soul. And I don’t bother wasting my time just to find a way to revenge or to hurt them back. Doing all those things won’t make me feel any better anyway.

Lebaran is always a reminder to me to forgive. To give people their second chances. To help people as much as I could even if I hate them to the core. And to forgive them even if they never ask. I don’t need them to apologize because I do it not for them, I do it for myself. For my peace of mind.

No matter how bad people hurt you or break your heart or disappoint you after everything you’ve done for them, just forgive them anyway. Forgiveness will set you free. It will help you to be bigger and wiser than you were yesterday. It’s okay to remember how hurt you’ve ever been, but that’s it! Don’t let that pain from the past stops you from being happy with your life. Once you get it right, believe me, your life will never ever be the same again. I would say my friend, that is the art of forgiveness.

Eid mubarak and please forgive all the wrongs that I (unintentionally) wrote in this blog. And of course, happy weekend and happy holiday!

2 thoughts on “The Art of Forgiveness

    • riffasancati says:


      I can’t agree more… It’s always easier said than done. It took a while until I got there and I had to fight myself to make it happen but at the end, it was totally worth the effort.

      Thanks for leaving the comment btw. I’m glad you enjoy my post! Have a nice weekend!

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