We Have the Rest of Our Lives to Be Awesome!

Got bored at home and I ended up browsing the pictures my friends liked on Instagram. Then there I found a beautiful picture of a girl on the beach. I thought she was a girl, but apparently, she was a 50 something woman and a mother of three! I scrolled down her Instagram account and her pictures had really awed me! She always looks stylish, pretty, and that perfect body! It’s so perfect that I thought she might have had some jobs done, hehehehe.

Looking at her glamorous pictures made me realize that we wouldn’t need to be 20 something just to be awesome. We have the rest of our lives to be as awesome as we are! We can always dress up, wearing heels, put some make up and take a lot more stunning photographs as long as we’re still breathing! So why should we all be worried of growing old?

Honestly, getting closer to 30 has terrified me a little bit. I love being 20’s. The past ten years have been the greatest years of my life! I love seeing what a changed person I am, and I like it when people look me in the eyes, and they tell me, “And you’re still so young!” It feels good to win the things I’ve won, and it feels even better knowing that I can get there at this age! I’m honestly worried all that glorious feeling will pass as I get older. I’m also worried that someday, I won’t look attractive no more, hehehehe.

Looking back to the past 10 years, the only reason why I’m capable to live my dream is that I worked hard to earn every little thing in my life. I studied hard, worked even harder, I even had to put a lot of works just to stay happy with my life! I’ve also put a huge effort to make myself a better person than I was yesterday. If I can do it at my 20’s (when I was still young, naïve, and a little bit stupid sometimes), what makes me think that I can’t do the same thing at my 30’s?

So thanks to that stunning woman on Instagram (I forgot her name already), I’ve started to see a lot more perks of getting older. I hope, I’ll be wiser and I’ll be having more of the things I’ve always dreamed of! I also hope that later on, people will look at me in the eyes, and they tell me, “Wow, you look fabulous for your age!” 😉

Stay awesome, no matter how old you are! And happy Sunday!

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