My Career Path; The 8 Years Mark

Yesterday, HR asked me to complete a training request form for my team. That form also required me to write down my career background; start from my total working experiences until total years of managerial experiences. When I wrote down the answer, it reminded me that this month is the 8th anniversary of my career! January this year was also the 5 years mark of my career at managerial level. It brought a smile on my face knowing how many years I’ve survived this bumpy road.

Do you know what else amazed me? Just a few months before my 8 years mark, I was promoted from Senior Manager to Vice President 🙂 I knew that if I worked hard enough, I would make a great career; but being a VP before 30 was beyond my imagination! When I planned my career path 8 years ago, I never thought that I would make it this far by now.

After submitting the form, I looked back to the past 8 years, and I asked myself, “What makes this promotion feel so great?”

The new remuneration? Not really.

The new tittle on my Linkedin profile? I don’t think so. Some colleagues even told me, “I thought you were a VP already! You did a VP work all this time.”

Then what is it? What makes this promotion mean something to me?

This promotion is simply a reward to me. Not from the bosses, not either from the Company; I believe it’s only from God and from myself for all the hard works I’ve done.

It’s for all the sleepless nights.

The stress, depression, crazy pressures and all those – nearly – impossible demands.

The tears and disappointments when I tried hard and failed.

The struggles and exhaustion to hang on, rise again, and win again.

This promotion makes me feel good knowing that I didn’t work hard for nothing. Knowing that there would always be a rainbow after the rains. Knowing that all I’ve got to do is just to learn dancing in the rain!

Do you know what else I’ve learned in the past 8 years?

I’ve come to learn that everyone can change their life. From a crazy packed public bus to a comfort city car. From a super hot and dirty house to a comfort bed at night. And from never been anywhere to travel around the world!

I’ve also learned that self development, work satisfaction, and happiness are much more important than just a salary package and a fancy title on your business card. At the end of the day, they’re all the things that will put a smile on your lips a lot more often than just a monthly payslip can do.

And the most important thing, I’ve finally learned the hard way that a perfect career doesn’t exist on earth. There’s no such a thing like a perfect company, perfect boss, perfect co-workers, perfect team… And no matter how hard you work, there will always some things at work that upsets you, knocks you down, and makes you ask this to yourself, “After everything I’ve done, it’s all that I get?”

Right before I thought it’s all I’ve got along my career journey, I looked at my Path timeline and smiled. Here’s one other amazing thing I’ve had at work: no matter where I work, I always have a few people that ended up as my best friends. Many other people may resent me for doing the right things, but these people will always be there to back me up. And when it felt like me almost giving up, knowing that I already have these amazing people work with me in this Company always makes me want to hang on a little bit longer and longer. Who says you can’t be friends with your own team? They will still piss you off sometimes, but so do all other friends outside the office, don’t they?

People says, fairy tale does not exist in the real life, yet somehow to me, my career has given me my kind of fairy tale. I’ve seen how it has changed my life, not literally a magic, but it turns me from an ugly duckling to a girl living her own dream. Believe me when I say, I just cannot ask for more.

Happy 8th years anniversary to me!

Unconditional Happiness

Pernah dengar istilah unconditional love a.k.a cinta tanpa syarat? Kita harus bisa mencintai orang lain dengan tulus tanpa banyak syarat dia harus begini dan dia harus begitu. Nah, gue juga punya istilah ala gue sendiri: unconditional happiness a.k.a kebahagiaan tanpa syarat. Nggak perlu tunggu ini dan tunggu itu hanya untuk bisa ngerasa bahagia.

Dan hari ini, gue kembali membuktikan kalo gue benar bisa tetap hidup bahagia tanpa banyak syarat ini dan itu. Today, I could stay happy even though I didn’t get what I really want to have in this particular day: a Valentine date.

Sebelum gue teruskan, maaf banget ya, buat teman-teman yang tidak merayakan Valentine… I really really respect your point of view. Tapi menurut gue, kalaupun ada yang salah dari perayaan Valentine, yang salah itu prilaku orangnya, bukan event-nya. It’s debatable, I know… but please let us just agree to disagree, okay? 😉

Back to the blog… what makes me feel happy apart from just staying at home all alone all day long? It’s just those simple things in life!

Dimulai dengan nyobain restoran dim sum baru yang rasanya enak banget! Pesan antar pakai Klikeat!

Lalu nonton film dan serial TV kesukaan sambil duduk bersandar di atas tempat tidur, berselimut hangat diiringi suara rintik hujan…

Nulis satu lagi judul blog yang bikin gue bangga banget sama diri gue sendiri, hehehehe… Please pardon my narcissism, ok! 😉

Dapat satu lagi comment di blog yang bikin gue ngerasa senang dan puas dengan blog gue yang hanya ala kadarnya ini…

Dapat kiriman video lucu dari salah satu sahabat yang disertai caption, “Maybe this is the reason why your crush didn’t ask you out today, hahahaha.” And it really made me laugh outloud 😀

Kemudian bertukar comment agak-agak flirty di Path sama sahabat gue yang lainnya… Comment yang bikin gue berpikir, “It looks like I’m a flirting expert! Tapi giliran ngomong sama gebetan, gue speechless berat!”

Dan diakhiri dengan bikin tulisan tentang unconditional happiness ini yang udah bikin gue jadi senyum-senyum sendiri! 😉

See? I’m home alone today, but I’m not lonely at all. I would be very happy if I had a candle light dinner tonight or maybe just a casual lunch would do, but even without it all, I’m okay too. I want to be able to stay happy in all conditions in life, that’s why I mentioned this as an ‘unconditional happiness’, get it now? 🙂

At the end of the day, love is not only about your crush, boyfriend, fiance, or husband. I love my families, my friends, my career, my comfort home, my hobbies, my life! And I think, that’s Valentine is all about: a reminder on how grateful I am for being able to love this much!

So guys… merayakan atau tidak merayakan Valentine, gue sungguh berharap semoga hidup kita selalu dilingkupi kasih sayang dan kebahagiaan, bahkan dalam kondisi terburuk sekalipun.

Have a lovely life, everyone! And please, be happy unconditionally! 🙂

No, I’m Not in a Rush

Ada salah satu teman lama yang senang sekali menanyakan kapan gue married. Beberapa bulan sekali, dia akan Whatsapp gue benar-benar hanya untuk menanyakan soal getting married. Awalnya tanya kabar, setelah itu, dia akan bilang begini, “Elo udah tua, udah mau kepala 3, kapan married?”

Well, agak tajam memang. Gue juga enggak ngerti kenapa dia senang sekali mengulang pertanyaan dan pernyataan yang sama sejak dia sendiri mulai berumah tangga beberapa tahun yang lalu. Tipe orang seperti inilah yang menurut gue sering membuat kaum jomblo jadi suka tertekan dan akhirnya memutuskan untuk menikah as soon as possible.

Lalu bagaimana dengan reaksi gue sendiri?

Menurut gue, yang paling rugi adalah diri gue sendiri jika gue sampai married terburu-buru hanya karena termakan omongan orang. Gue yang rugi, dan bukan mereka yang rajin menekan gue dengan pertanyaan kapan married itu.

Ya, memang benar usia gue akhir tahun ini akan menginjak 30 tahun. Konon katanya nanti akan semakin sulit untuk punya anak dan sebagainya. Semakin lama pasti akan semakin stres kedua ortu gue ngelihat gue yang masih belum married juga. Dua adik gue sudah menikah duluan, dan bisa jadi yang paling bungsu pun akan melangkahi gue seperti dua kakaknya itu. Dan memang pasti terjadi, semakin lama akan semakin banyak omongan tajam yang nanti mampir ke telinga gue.

Tapi tetap saja, semua itu bukan alasan untuk bersikap terburu-buru. Memilih pasangan hidup itu keputusan besar. Pilih sepatu dan tas baru saja gue lama mikirnya, apalagi pilih pasangan hidup!

Hampir 30 bukan berarti gue harus mulai menurunkan standar. Laki-laki yang baik, yang bisa jadi pemimpin untuk gue, yang gue yakini rasa cintanya untuk gue, yang gue yakini potensi dan masa depannya, tetap akan selalu jadi syarat utama. I will never ever settle less than I deserve.

Hampir 30 bukan berarti gue harus cepat-cepat menerima cowok mana saja yang datang mendekat. Jika nanti sudah jadian pun, bukan berarti harus langsung married satu tahun kemudian. Bahkan bisa jadi, belum tentu gue nanti akan married dengan cowok yang jadi pacar gue tahun ini! We both may need some times to be convinced.

Dan hampir 30 bukan berarti gue harus mengorbankan segala-galanya hanya demi menikah tahun ini juga. Tidak semua pasangan dimudahkan persiapannya. Mudah mendapatkan restunya. Dan lain sebagainya. If it takes a while to get there, then be it.

Setiap orang boleh saja punya pendapat yang berbeda-beda, dan gue hargai semua pilihan hidup yang dibuat oleh perempuan-perempuan lainnya. Jadi gue harap, orang lain juga bisa menghargai pilihan gue.

Yes, I’m almost 30, but no, I’m not in rush to get married anytime soon. Good things take times, and I will take my times. 

Find Someone Who Loves You Just the Way You Are

A few days ago, I had a long chat with one of my best friends about his problem with a girl he just knew. Long story short, apparently that new girl thought that my friend was too aggressive. It confused me. It’s not like he texted her many times in a day! In fact, he didn’t always text that girl everyday the entire week! I don’t think it’s too aggressive at all.

Having said that, deep in my heart, initially I wanted to suggest my friend to play cool. I personally find that he looks more attractive when he is calm and cool.

But then I realized… my friend actually deserves someone better than that girl. He deserves someone who embraces him just the way he is. If she can’t accept his effort to take care of her, then it was her loss, not his. I’ve known this guy for years by now, and I also know that the way he takes care of the people he loves is the very best quality in him. Why should he change it just because a girl came and said it was wrong for him to look after her?

So then I said to my friend, it was not his fault, it was just that girl didn’t share the same chemistry with him.

Many people somehow believe that we have to ‘market’ ourselves differently. Act like someone you’re not until you win your crush’s heart. It may have worked well for most cases, but to me, it just sounds so wrong. Find someone who loves you just the way you are, not the way you make them think you are.

Someone who genuinely loves you is someone who’s capable to see the good things in you. Knowing all your flaws doesn’t stop them from falling for you. They don’t see all the things you already have or the things that you don’t have just yet; they see you far beyond that. They have a strong belief that you’re capable to be more than you already are.

Don’t we all want to be with someone who loves us that much? If the answer is yes, then we will never find one unless we show them who we really are. Just be ouselves and let them decide if they want to take a part in our life or let us go.

Find someone who loves you just the way you are, and love them back, just the way they are.

I Love Love Love Online Shopping

Sebelum dituduh macam-macam, gue tulis blog ini murni karena gue emang betulan suka banget belanja online, dan sama sekali bukan karena gue kerja di Lazada. Malah kenyataannya, online shop favorit gue itu justru Zalora lho, bukan Lazada, hehehe.

Kenapa gue suka belanja online? Berikut ini daftar alasannya!

  1. Pilihan ukuran lebih lengkap dari offline store. Cari Mango coat tapi size-nya hanya sisa yang besar-besar saja? Coba cari di online store-nya! Mango punya official online store yang bisa free shipping dan harga jualnya sudah termasuk pajak plus bea masuk. In total, harganya nggak jauh beda dengan offline store-nya kok. Asyiknya lagi, paketnya itu bisa sampai kurang dari satu minggu lho;
  2. A lot of brands in one store only! Menurut gue, ini dia yang bikin Lazada unggul; we sell A LOT OF brands! Nggak heran kalau isi belanjaan orang-orang di Lazada bisa sangat-sangat bervariasi untuk satu kali pembelian. Saking banyak jenis barang dan brand-nya, tiap kali mau beli sesuatu di mall, gue akan buka apps-nya Lazada dulu untuk perbandingan harga jualnya, hehehehe;
  3. Cari barang unik tapi bingung mau beli di mana? Coba cari di online stores! Contohnya, gue pernah kepengen beli facial steamer yang kayak di Natasha gitu. Sempet cari di beberapa toko elektronik tapi nggak ada yang jual, tapi ternyata, sekali gue searching di Lazada, langsung keluar lebih dari satu pilihan barang lho. Pas banget lagi diskon pula!
  4. Online stores (termasuk Kaskus dan Instagram) udah banyak bantu gue untuk kasih kado yang berkesan untuk gue berikan kepada orang lain. Gue tipe orang yang udah tahu duluan mau kasih kado apa, tapi kadang, ide gue itu agak susah untuk dicari barangnya. Dan benar deh, gue udah banyak ketolong sama online shopping ini!
  5. It helps me to get cheaper branded items or even the items that are not sold in Indonesia’s offline stores. Ada beberapa tas favorit yang gue beli online. Gue baru aja beli tas Tory Burch di dan gue suka banget sama cara mereka packing barangnya. Selain itu, di Instagram juga banyak kok, importer yang bisa dipercaya keaslian barangnya;
  6. Selalu ada voucher atau diskon kartu kredit. Ini dia yang bikin gue makin senang belanja di Zalora dan Lazada; harga jadi lebih murah dibanding offline stores karena ada diskon tambahan dari voucher atau kartu kredit tertentu. There’s nothing better for a shopper rather than a double discount, hehehehe;
  7. Lebih nyaman saat bikin perbandingan harga untuk satu barang yang sama di satu atau lebih dari satu online stores. Nggak perlu lagi tuh, capek-capek keliling ITC Roxy Mas buat bandingin harga tablet yang gue mau beli!
  8. Sejak menjamurnya e-commerce, cari makanan enak jadi jauh lebih mudah! Favorit gue? Berrykitchen, Klikeat, dan Gofood! Catering harian gue beli dari Berrykitchen, di luar itu gue pesan via Klikeat atau Gojek;
  9. I really love Zalora’s inhouse brand! Ada banyak banget baju gue yang merk-nya Zalora untuk baju harian dan Zalia buat Umrah kemarin. Dan tentu saja, mereka cuma bisa didapatkan di! Di luar Zalora, ada juga beberapa merk yang hanya dipasarkan online, misalnya, Shopatvelvet; dan
  10. Saat paketnya sampai ke kantor atau rumah, aduh, rasanya kayak dapat hadiah ultah dari diri sendiri, hehehehehe. It never fails to make my day!

See? Online shopping is fun! But well… offline shopping is a lot of fun too. Nanti lain kali akan gue tulis daftar alasan kenapa gue tetap suka belanja di mall. Jadi pada dasarnya sih, emang gue suka banget belanja aja, hehehehe.

Happy shopping, everyone!

Long Weekend Agenda

Iseng-iseng, gue kepengen tulis daftar kegiatan gue untuk long weekend kali ini. Emang bukan tulisan yang bermanfaat, tapi tetap sangat lumayan untuk menyalurkan hobi nulisnya gue 😀 Who knows it will give you a long weekend idea too!

  1. Beres-beres kamar kosan. Kamar gue udah tiap hari dirapihin sama si Mbak sebenernya, tapi kalo lemari dan laci-laci itu dibuka… well, barang-barang pribadi gue saling bertumpuk dan udah enggak jelas lagi aturan main untuk peletakkan jenis barangnya! 😀
  2. Cari beberapa barang yang ‘hilang’ dengan sendirinya. Kaca mata, baju batik kesayangan, sampe bros kecil favorit gue. It must be somewhere under those piles of goods! Hehehehe;
  3. Bersih-bersih koleksi tas dan sepatu kesayangan. Sekalian dipilih-pilih tas dan baju yang udah sebaiknya dicuci di laundry terdekat;
  4. Transfer foto-foto Umrah plus Turki dari SLR ke laptop gue. Edit dikit lalu langsung upload ke social media pastinya!
  5. Belanja online. Jadi seminggu ini gue udah dua kali bolak-balik ke ke Kokas, tapi anehnya, masih ada aja barang-barang yang belum kebeli! Gue selalu aja baru ingat masih ada yang kurang setelah terlanjur naik taksi pulang ke kosan… Padahal udah pake apps shopping check list! Jadi sudahlah, belanja online saja!
  6. Home spa. Mau tau rutinitas home spa ala gue? Dimulai dari facial steaming, scrubbing, pake masker, pake lotion, abis itu self manicure and pedicure juga;
  7. Meet up with an old friend. This one is gonna be so much fun!
  8. Googling tempat-tempat yang belum gue kunjungi di Bangkok dan Phuket untuk trip selanjutnya bulan depan. Aaah, I just can’t wait for this trip!
  9.  Nonton siaran ulang acara-acara TV kesukaan gue di Starworld;
  10. One thing for sure: writing more blogs!

Entah kenapa, long weekend ini gue pengen bisa bebas dulu dari pekerjaan. Karena jangan salah, selama di Arab dan Turki kemarin, gue tetap aktif baca dan balas e-mail pekerjaan dari kantor lho. Tapi kali ini, gue mau istirahat dulu!

Welcome long weekend and let’s have some fun!

The Man We Deserve

Girls, never ever settle less than we deserve. We need to believe that when we love someone sincerely, we all deserve to be loved back in the same amount of sincerity.

We all deserve someone who appreciates our effort to take care of him. Do not settle with someone who takes our efforts for granted.

We all deserve someone who texts, calls, and makes times to meet us. Do not settle with someone who does not put us as his priority. We don’t need to fight or beg just to have his times.

We all deserve someone who tells us the truth. Do not settle with someone who always has a reason to lie over and over again. Big or small, a lie is a lie.

We all deserve someone who is proud to have us. Do not settle with someone who puts us in the closet. It will only break our heart.

And finally, we all deserve someone who is willing to fight for us. Do not settle with someone whose affection is up and down. Someone who comes and goes will eventually leave us forever.

We don’t need a perfect man. Not either a prince charming riding a white horse. We only need someone who does his very best to love us back. And after all the love we give to him, we deserve that.

Let Life Surprise Me

A few nights ago, I went home to my kost place and found something that froze me for a while. I looked at an empty shoe rack and smiled alone. And just like that, it reminded me to many random memories on how life could be so unpredictable sometimes. I may be known for having a strong guts feeling on anything, anything… but my own love life.

I still remembered over fifteen years ago, I had to join a Yogyakarta tour for my final exam at IEC. My classmates had joined the previous trip so that I had to go there alone. I told myself that night before departure, “That’s okay… Who knows I would be in the same group with a cute guy? And he would be my first boyfriend!” And I was right… that night in that bus, I met my first love. But then I was wrong… He only thought of me as a fourteen years old kid. My first love ended as my first heartbreak.

One year later, I met a new guy in high school. The time was not right in the beginning, but I believed someday we would be together because for so many reasons, it seemed like we were meant to be. But then again, I was wrong. Now everytime I looked back, I couldn’t help but wondering, “How could I fall that deep for this guy?”

Many years after that, I met a guy in the office and for the first time ever, right at our first met, I looked at him and it just crossed my mind, “This guy is going to be my soulmate.” We did have a chance, but we didn’t make it until the end. Right after that, I gave up. I no longer trust my own guts when it comes to love. People says when you know, you know. Yet somehow, I just never know!

The funny thing is that, my guts feeling is rarely wrong on many other things in life.

I knew that I would succeed my career. I used to write down what I wanted to be in my 20’s, and here I am… 29 years old and pretty much living my own dream.

I knew that my younger sister would get married before me and I would have a loveable nephew or niece from her. And I was right. Now I’m a happy auntie for my beloved 3.5 years old nephew.

I also knew that unlike many others, my friendship with a classmate back in college would last long, and here we are… we’ve been friends for 12 years and still counting.

I knew it all, but I never know how my love life would end.

Back to my kost place, so I just moved into that place around 4 months ago. I used to have an imagination that I would live right next to a cute neighbor. And then we would get to know each other. And then I would have finally found my Mr. Right!

It sounds stupid, I know… but you know what? I was indeed having a cute neighbor right next to my door! We ran into each other in some chances but we never managed to get to know each other. I always thought that I would always have another chance to say hi. And then 2 nights ago, after leaving the kost for 2 weeks for my Umrah trip, I went back to that place and I was frozen seeing his empty shoe racks. He had moved out even before I knew his name.

So there I was, 2 nights ago… Standing alone, looking at an empty shoes rack, and bitterly smiled to myself. I’m always wrong about this one.

That empty shoe racks moment was actually not about that guy next door at all. It was merely about being tired for being wrong all the times. Having the same disappointments over and over again was just frustrating to me. It was frustrating, until last night, an officemate showed me a post on her Facebook. That picture on her phone says, “Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person and the most unexpected time.”

So there I smiled again…

Maybe, that’s how I’m going to get my happy ending. It’s not gonna be someone I have in mind, not someone I mention repeatedly in my prayers, and maybe, not anytime soon like I want it to be. I may never see it coming, but it will come! Sooner or later, all of that past disappointments would only make a perfect sense. And if I think about it again, my life would be less interesting if I can always predict anything that will happen to me, wouldn’t it?

Hence I guess for this one, just let life surprises me. So life, bring it! 😉