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Long Weekend Agenda

Posted on: February 5, 2016

Iseng-iseng, gue kepengen tulis daftar kegiatan gue untuk long weekend kali ini. Emang bukan tulisan yang bermanfaat, tapi tetap sangat lumayan untuk menyalurkan hobi nulisnya gue 😀 Who knows it will give you a long weekend idea too!

  1. Beres-beres kamar kosan. Kamar gue udah tiap hari dirapihin sama si Mbak sebenernya, tapi kalo lemari dan laci-laci itu dibuka… well, barang-barang pribadi gue saling bertumpuk dan udah enggak jelas lagi aturan main untuk peletakkan jenis barangnya! 😀
  2. Cari beberapa barang yang ‘hilang’ dengan sendirinya. Kaca mata, baju batik kesayangan, sampe bros kecil favorit gue. It must be somewhere under those piles of goods! Hehehehe;
  3. Bersih-bersih koleksi tas dan sepatu kesayangan. Sekalian dipilih-pilih tas dan baju yang udah sebaiknya dicuci di laundry terdekat;
  4. Transfer foto-foto Umrah plus Turki dari SLR ke laptop gue. Edit dikit lalu langsung upload ke social media pastinya!
  5. Belanja online. Jadi seminggu ini gue udah dua kali bolak-balik ke ke Kokas, tapi anehnya, masih ada aja barang-barang yang belum kebeli! Gue selalu aja baru ingat masih ada yang kurang setelah terlanjur naik taksi pulang ke kosan… Padahal udah pake apps shopping check list! Jadi sudahlah, belanja online saja!
  6. Home spa. Mau tau rutinitas home spa ala gue? Dimulai dari facial steaming, scrubbing, pake masker, pake lotion, abis itu self manicure and pedicure juga;
  7. Meet up with an old friend. This one is gonna be so much fun!
  8. Googling tempat-tempat yang belum gue kunjungi di Bangkok dan Phuket untuk trip selanjutnya bulan depan. Aaah, I just can’t wait for this trip!
  9.  Nonton siaran ulang acara-acara TV kesukaan gue di Starworld;
  10. One thing for sure: writing more blogs!

Entah kenapa, long weekend ini gue pengen bisa bebas dulu dari pekerjaan. Karena jangan salah, selama di Arab dan Turki kemarin, gue tetap aktif baca dan balas e-mail pekerjaan dari kantor lho. Tapi kali ini, gue mau istirahat dulu!

Welcome long weekend and let’s have some fun!

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I’m not a funny person. I’m not good at mingle with random people. I’m fierce, I’m a straight-talker, I get annoyed easily, and I have this resting b face that makes me look angry all the times. I’m not that kind of person whom people would miss when I’m not around.
But you know what?
I’m okay with all that flaws I have in me. Nobody is perfect, and neither am I. At the same time; everyone on earth is special, and so am I.
I know my worth. I know what I’m very good at. I know what I want and I work hard to make it happen. I’m a go getter and I fight my battles. I’m not an angel, but I’m not a devil either.
I was born to be the very best of myself, and just because I don’t always have what others have, it doens’t make me less as a person inside out. I’m whole just the way I am, and I’m beyond grateful of all that. I know that my career has been a bit of trouble for my personal life. I admit that it feels like a loss to me sometimes, but you know what? I don’t feel sorry about all that, not a even just a little bit.
My career has given me a comfort bed to sleep, taken me to the places I’ve never seen, brought me to the incredible people who end up as my best friends, and most importantly, it has really made my parents proud. I can sleep tight at night knowing that at least, I can support my parents after their retirements.
The way I see it, there’s nothing bad about all that, so why should anybody in my position feel sorry and less proud about their own hard works?
Don’t let anybody make you feel less than who you are. Make yourself and your loved ones proud, and for me, the rest doesn’t matter at all.
Be great, women! Whatever you choose to do for your own life, be great at it and don’t feel sorry for anything good in your life! Happy International Women’s day and stay awesome! My life has been going great in the past one month. Incredibly busy, but I can’t be happier.
I work my new job during the weekdays and work on my own start-up all over the weekends. It’s tiring and consuming all my energies, but it never feels like a hard work somehow.
I meet many people who are super friendly, I get to work with new challenges that test me every single thing I’ve learned in my entire career, and at the same times, I still manage to pursue my lifetime dream! For the first time ever, I understand how it feels like to love what I do that I never have to work a day in my life.
God, thank YOU for all these blessings! I often said I couldn’t ask for more, yet again, You gave me more and more reasons to be thankful over and over. I’m beyond blessed! Alhamdulillah.

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