My 2016 Resolutions

Sebetulnya, isi wishlist gue masih belum banyak berubah dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya, secara masih banyak wishes yang belum terpenuhi hingga saat ini. Tapi kemudian, gue teringat tekad gue pada saat malam tahun baru kemarin; tahun 2016 ini harus menjadi “the year of changes“. Bukan tahun yang “membawa” perubahan, tapi lebih tahun di mana gue “melakukan” perubahan-perubahan dalam diri gue sendiri.

Perubahan dalam hal apa saja? Berikut ini daftar resolusi gue!



Semakin ke sini, semakin gue menyadari mempertahankan persahabatan itu tidak semudah kelihatannya. I’ve made a lot of new friends, but not so much of new best friends. Kemudian salah satu teman baik gue di kantor sebelumnya bilang begini, “Ya udah, resolusi 2016 gue, kita harus ketemuan minimal setahun 3 kali.”

And I agreed with him. Not only this one particular guy, but I will also do it to all other best friends of mine. We’ve put a lot of efforts to make these friendships happen, and we still need to put a lot more efforts to keep it last. 



Si bos bule sering banget kasih gue julukan “grumpy“. Terakhir dia bilang, gue harus lebih bersemangat kalo ditanya “apa kabar”. Setelah gue pikir-pikir, ada benarnya juga. There’s one girl in my team who has such a positive vibe and I like her for that. So maybe, it’s a good thing to try, isn’t it?

Lalu satu hal lagi: gue pengen banget ganti strategi gue saat menghadapi difficult people. Negur mereka dengan emosi hanya akan jadi seperti creating a drama.  Gue belum tau harus berubah seperti apa persisnya, yang jelas, gue pengen kelihatan lebih cool aja gitu. If they act like a kid, then I’m the one who should act like a grown up. 


Love Life

Gue sering banget bilang begini di blog gue ini, “If he wants you, he will make it clear. He will make an effort to make it happen.” Tapi kenyataannya, praktek memang tidak semudah teorinya. Sulit untuk enggak jadi galau sendiri hanya karena sibuk menebak-nebak dan mempertanyakan isi hati si gebetan.

TAPI, tahun ini gue harus mengubah hal tersebut dari diri gue sendiri. Selama masih belum pasti, enggak usah dibawa serius! Boleh iseng-iseng godain dia kalo suasana sedang mendukung, tapi jangan sampai dibawa perasaan! Mau stay cool karena enggak jago flirting juga sebetulnya sah-sah aja kalo buat perempuan, secara flirting is not supposed to be our job, hehehe. Lalu kalau orangnya sedang tidak ada, jangan terus menerus dipikirkan! Keep yourself busy, keep having fun, AND the most important thing, keep your cab lights ON!


 2016… let’s rock!

2015 in a Glance

Before I start with my first post about my life in 2016, I would want to write a farewell note to 2015. And of course, I want to write a little bit more about my life journey in 2015. It’s my 2015, in a glance.

Initially I thought, I would only write about how 2015 had been one rough year to me. My multiple failures, huge disappointments, and not to mention I had my heart broken (even twice!) during that year. After my glorious 2014, it felt like I was going nowhere in 2015. But then this morning, I woke up, looked back, and I simply thought, “Well, it was horrible, but it was not that bad.”

I meant, those horrible events was indeed devastating to me, but somehow, I managed to move on so fast instead of spending months to mourn it all. It’s just like, “Well… s*** happens, but that’s okay, I can try again anyway, or, I can find someone else anyway 😉 “

And you know what… apart from those heartbreaking moments, I still remember that 2015 was also the same year where I felt most grateful for all I have. I had a lot of prayers in 2015 where I only said, “Thank God for blessing me this much! I couldn’t ask for more.”

The whole point is that in 2015, I had come to learn that one bad event did not make my life entirely a bad one. And even those multiple failures did not necessarily mean my entire life was a failure either. I had really applied that kind of wise thought, “This is just a bad day, not a bad life. And this too, will pass.”

Anyhow on the other side, I also had quite a lot of good things happened to me in 2015. I met a few more new friends, I had the best and the most unforgettable trip to Greece, and if I’m promoted at work in January this year, it’s all because of my hard work during 2015, isn’t it? I’ll write more about my promotion later in this blog 😉

And one last thing, 2015 had been a year where I finally embraced the fact that I am not getting any younger, and I am proud of it! I love being a success 20 something girl, but I will also love being a mature and gracefully aged 30 something woman! And you know what… my 30th birthday in November this year will be HUGE! It’s a milestone to celebrate, isn’t it?

So finally, good bye 2015, thank you for the lessons, for the memories, I simply thank you for another awesome year of my life!

Happy new year for my blog readers and please don’t get bored visiting my blog 😀

Have a nice holiday!