I Finally Find My Pace

I can’t really share the details here, but there’s one thing or two I’ve been thinking a lot, confused me for a little while, but just out of the blue, I simply knew what I should do. I finally know what I want, and I finally find my pace to make it happen. Or maybe, to let it all just slip away.

I have come to realize how I used to rush many things in my life. I have to do it NOW. ASAP. Immediately. And so on. For some things in life, for instance working environment, it can be a good thing. But apparently, that’s not always the case for all other aspects in life.

When you want to pursue your dreams, it’s not about how fast you get there, but how you have prepared yourself to make it happen, unless, you’re happy enough for being just a mediocre.

Or when you fall in love, it’s not about how fast you make him yours, but how many years you will spend with him afterward. Not all people meet each other and stay together just in a month, some other still needs to be convinced before they move forward.

We simply need to remember that sometimes, good things take time. Rome was not built overnight, remember?

Hence I would say, just enjoy the ride! No need to speed up and risk it all. Then on the other hand, no need to freak out and take a u-turn when the road is bumpy. Just go with it, believe in yourself, do your best, and see how it turns out. Maybe, you will arrive in your destination, but maybe, God will lead you to somewhere else even beyond your imagination.

After spending many years in the same drama over and over again, it really feels good to finally found my pace. Now, it’s your turn to find yours!