What is My Greatest Prayer?

If you ask me, “What are your greatest prayers?”

Here is my answer…

I always pray for a happy life. A good life, as a good person.

I always pray for a happiness even in every single pain I feel inside. Smile and laugh between the tears. Another sunshine after the rain and storms.

I always pray for a reminder to never stop trying to be a good person. Life can be rough, so cruel, so unfair… Yet I always pray that I would stay strong. I should never give up on being a good person.

I always pray that every problem I have will only make me better and wiser than before. I may cry and hide for a while, just a little while, but I always pray thay God will give me strength to move on and let it go.

I always pray that I will be strong enough to survive the rejections that will break my heart. I need to believe that when I am rejected by something good, I’m actually redirected to something better.

I always pray that I would genuinely accept the imperfections in me. No matter how hard I try, I cannot always get what I want to have. And no matter how sure I am, I can’t always be right all the times in my life.

I also pray that I will be forgiven. For all my flaws, my temper. For all the wrongs that I have said and done. For all the pains that I’ve put people through.

Finally, I always pray that God will never stop reminding me to be thankful for all I have. To always always put my feet on the ground. I pray that God will always bless every little step that I take in life.


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