10 Things I Always Like from a Guy

The more and more I think about it, the more I know the things that I always like from a guy. A combination of ten things listed below will make myself end up falling for someone. And the more I think about it again, I believe it’s not only working for me, but also for millions of girls out there. Must read for the guys, these are the things that will make you loveable 😉

  1. He knows how to console me and how to make me laugh, especially in my very bad days;
  2. Knows the details about me: what I like, I dislike, the things I do and I will never do, then… it will be nice if he lets me know that he knows me well;
  3. Gives up his seat for me, holds the door, carries my heavy boxes… you know, the gentleman things will never get old;
  4. Offers me some help when I need the most without being asked. It will make him some kind of superhero, hehehehe;
  5. Successfully solving my problems that I’m still struggling with. It just impresses me;
  6. Trying so hard to fulfilling his promises to me. It’s hard to find nowadays so that it impresses me too;
  7. Looks for me when I’m not around. It will let me know that I matter to him. It may not apply in certain conditions such as working environment though;
  8. He doesn’t yell me back when I’m so angry to him. It touches my heart and cools me down in no time;
  9. Treats me differently. I like nice guys, but he MUST be nicer with me rather than any other girls. It’s important to make me feel special 😉
  10. He knows how to flirt without being cheesy. I love it more when he flirts and makes me laugh in the same time. The more creative he is, the more chances he steals my attention.

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