My Appreciation to Lazada

IMG_4569Today is exactly one year since the very first day I started working at Lazada Indonesia. One year working with Lazada, one year I met with so many new colleagues along the journey. The colleagues who shared these crazy workloads together, the ones who have my back everytime this ‘world’ seems to turn against me, and also the ones who keep me laugh even in the worst possible times.

My highest gratitude goes to my team who have sincerely accepted me as their leader. This one team who understands how I can be so cranky early in the morning, how I can be so annoying when something goes very wrong; it’s simply a team who supports me to fight the barriers and run toward the finish lines. I am nothing without their hard works, their contributions, their long hours at work, and their patience to constantly deal with this ‘tough life’, all together as a team.

Despite all of my grumpy attitudes, I’m so thankful for having these bosses as my boss. They trust my capability more than I trust myself, they give me chances to grow and prove myself, and they do everything in their powers to help me out everytime I’m in a big trouble. We’re not always aligned, not always being nice to each other, but at the end of the day, I know that once again in my career path, I am blessed to have them as my bosses.

I’m also thankful for other teammates in my department, especially the ones who end up as my good friends along the way. The chit chat, the encouragement, the jokes and laugh that we share together are just priceless! Having a helpful colleague is one thing, but having a good friend is one other extraordinary thing in life. I rarely find a place where many people sincerely support each other with no envy.

I’m also lucky enough to have a few friends from other departments who helped me a lot during my early times working for Lazada. I knew nothing about e-commerce and all systems involved in it back then, but they were all glad to let me know how it worked, as detailed as possible. They were all busy, but they always had times to answer my questions, to solve my problems, and of course, to share that not-so-important ‘news’ in between.

The last one, I’m also glad to have a few colleagues in regional team that have helped me so many times in the past few months. Sometimes I bother them with stupid questions that apparently I can answer by myself, yet they are still willing to find me the answers to my questions. I’m also glad that we still manage to have a good laugh apart from our crazy pressures at work.

I know that the tittle to this post is my appreciation to Lazada, yet all that I wrote is the people who work with me. But the thing is, what does define a company anyway? Company is only a name written on a piece of paper, and why should I say thank you to a piece of paper? It’s the people who work with me that has made Lazada a company that matters to me.

So guys, even though it looks like I’m angry all the time, the truth is I’m so happy to work with you. And yes, if you think that I wrote about YOU in this post, then this post is indeed all about you 😉

Let’s keep on rocking!