20 Random Things About Me

  1. I don’t believe in zodiac, shio, and so on;
  2. I had a few nicknames from my friends: Ipeh (just because a friend couldn’t spell ‘R’), Uler (because of my last name), Riba (because we just had a chapter about this in class and he found that sounds similar to my name), Nenek, and Chiripa (because of Dulce Maria was such a hit);
  3. I hate sports and I can’t swim;
  4. I kinda hate it when people refuse to pose beside me while taking a picture just because I’m too tall to them;
  5. I also hate it when people says that I have what I’ve earned just because of luck. It’s such an understatement to me. I work hard for everything I’ve achieved;
  6. Back to junior high school, my life was very boring until someone came into my life and taught me how to dream big. I will always owe him for the rest of my life;
  7. I never cheated in the college, not even once. I studied very hard back then;
  8. I’m not good at numbers, but I ended up working as an accountant. I even used to hate accounting back in high school;
  9. My career milestones: started my first job when I was 21, got promotion to Senior level on 23, Assistant Manager on 24, Manager on 25, and Senior Manager on 27. I thought my achievement was awesome, until I found out that the CEO in my Company is on my age!
  10. It took me one year just to learn how to wear contact lenses;
  11. I’m addicted with dark brown eye shadow. I can’t leave the house without it;
  12. I’m a strong believer that beauty, brain, and behavior is not only in beauty pageant. Every girl can get it as long as she’s willing to try hard. We can’t be perfect, but we can be awesome 😉
  13. I’m not good at telling people how I feel. I never say “I love you” to others, not even once;
  14. I’m not good at saying goodbye either. Hug each other and say “I’ll be missing you” is just too much to me;
  15. I used to hate babies until my nephew was born. He’s the only one baby I’ve ever hold on my arms;
  16. When my cats died, I cried much louder than when I cried over the boys who broke my heart;
  17. I was still afraid of ghost until I was a teenager. I used to put an Al-Qur’an beside my pillow to encourage me sleeping alone in my bedroom! But now… I’m not afraid to work overtime alone even in a ghostly office, hehehehe;
  18. I often put something important in my own safe place but then I forget where I put that stuff. The idea of that ‘safe place’ is too extraordinary sometimes 😀
  19. I’ve started writing in a diary since I was a kid. That’s how I learned to write. My blog is my new diary anyway;
  20. I’ve started to write a novel since years ago and never managed to finish it. It’s always a part of my new year’s resolution over and over again. Well, maybe I’ll finish it next year, hehehehe.

What a – Grown up – Girl Really Wants

When I was younger, I thought what I really wanted was a guy who gets me. A charming guy who can make me laugh. A gentle man who knows how to treat me like a lady. The one who can make me feel pretty, make me feel special, make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. But you know what… as the time goes by, as I’m growing up, I know that all the stuffs I just wrote down here, are no longer the number one things that I really want.

I know so many guys with charming smiles who can make me laugh and make me feel good about myself within seconds. They’re very polite, their pick-up lines are beautiful to hear. But what does it mean anyway if all they want is just to have some fun? It’s just to make them feel like a prince charming with many girls attracted to them. What does it mean to me if they never really want to stay?

In time I eventually understand that I need someone who makes me feel safe. Someone whom I believe will stay with me for better or worse. Not someone who makes me need to put so much efforts just make him stay. Not someone who only treats me as an option. Not someone who keeps making me being scared of him leaving in a blink of eyes. I simply need someone who gives me and him a chance to give our best shot. And believe me when I say, this kind of guy is not always easy to find.

Maybe he’s not someone who always understands me, but at least, he never stops trying to learn. Maybe he’s not always funny, not always nice to me, but I want him to always try to make things right for us. Maybe he’s not the smartest and richest guy I’ve ever met, but I want him to be tough enough to get through the worst possible days. He doesn’t need to be a super wise one, but I need him to accept me with all my flaws. And everytime I say “I” in this blog, believe me again when I say, it represents most of all the girls in the world, especially the mature ones.

It’s still nice to have someone who can make me laugh, who knows how to comfort me, how to make me feel special and so on, but at the end of the day, everything is nothing if he’s not willing to fight for me, fight for our chance. So that’s it; that’s all I (or all the girls on earth) really want is someone who gives his best to keep us as a part of his life. It might sound simple, yet once again, this guy is hard to find.