I Should be Fine

Today, I suddenly feel like everything will be fine. I may not get everything I want to have. I may even lose that one big thing I always wanted. Somehow I feel, I should be fine.

I have my long-lasting best friends who are always there when I’m down. The ones who always find a way back to me. The ones whom I hope, will always be a part of every stage in my life.

I have great colleagues whom I can trust. The ones to laugh with everyday. The ones who help me out when I need the most.

I have a decent job. I have achieved more that I pictured I would do at this age. And no matter where I work, I always have those bosses who trust and support me tremendously.

I have a loving family who always accept me just the way I am. The ones who will always stand by me. The ones who take a very good care of me.

I’m not perfect, but I never stop trying to bring out the best in me.

I’m not a beauty queen, but I’m happy to see myself in the mirror everyday before I go to work.

I’m not yet a billionaire, but I’m grateful for every little thing I have in life.

And I don’t have a boyfriend yet, but I know how it feels to be loved.

After all of the things I write in this post, how can I not be fine? Life is up and down. I will gain and I will lose some. People come and go. Sometimes I am wanted, but sometimes I am rejected. But that’s okay, because once again, I should be just fine. I don’t need to have everything, and I don’t need to always win, just to be happy.