Recently I’ve Learned…

Recently I’ve learned…

When you really love somebody, you won’t really have an exact reason why you love him that much.

You might be in love with his kindness, yet you’re still in love with him when he’s careless in his very bad day.

When you really love somebody, you might be surprised, or maybe shocked, with the real him that you never knew before. However at the end of the day, you still love him for who he is.

You can’t stop loving this person just because he doesn’t dress the way you want to. Not either just because he doesn’t always behave like a prince charming. You love him just the way he is.

When you find the one whom you really love with all of your heart, you will understand the reasons why people say that love is blind. He might lie to you, break his promises, even break your heart… but you still love him anyway.

A real love is not always easy to understand. It may come unexpectedly. Not to someone whom you ever imagine. Not at the time that you choose to fall in love.

Yet real love is real love. Now that I understand it, next I’m hoping to feel it, to someone, who feels it back to me.

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