My 2018 Greatest Lesson

I initially planned to close this 2018 with writing my personal kaleidoscope along the year, but then I found that this time, I’d rather write something more useful for my blog readers. After writing a confession about my depression in the previous post, here I write a post about the greatest lesson I learned in 2018.

In this year, I’ve come to learn that I should never let bad moments in life diminish the value of the good ones happened to me along the year.

Just because some people don’t feel the same way like I do, it doesn’t mean they don’t care at all. They do care about me, only in different ways.

I also learned that just because some people do not appreciate me, it doesn’t mean the whole world refuses to see my efforts.

And just because the people I care about didn’t seem to want me in their life, it doesn’t mean that I’m completely unwanted by anyone else. I have to accept that I am just not everyone’s cup of tea.

I won’t ever again let one bad event in life overpower the good memories I have ever had. And I won’t let the people who hurt me leave the most marks in my heart over the ones who were always there for me to support and help me with the little things.

It also means, just because I stumbled upon a few disappointments in 2018, it doesn’t necessarily make the whole year as a failure. Apart from my problems, in 2018 I managed to make a good progress on evolving myself, I made another milestone in my career, my life was merrier with all the new people I met, and most importantly, I feel so much love… Love from my friends, my colleagues, and my teammates at work. I guess I had no luck when it came to romance, but it doesn’t mean that all the love I got from other people were not as valuable. It feels good knowing how I played an important role in someone else’s life journey and I’m touched knowing how they appreciate me for that.

It’s such a relief that I close this year with all these positive feelings. I finally realized that even though I didn’t always get all the things I really wanted, but instead, God has given me all the things I really needed. The things that I never thought I need in life. And to me, that’s even better.

Thank God for this year! Thanks for all the good and the bad times! This year was insane! This will definitely be a year I will never forget.

Happy new year 2019 to my blog readers and I wish nothing but a wonderful year to come!

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