World Cup & The Worst Heartbreak Ever!

World Cup always reminds me of the worst heartbreak I have ever had. It had nothing to do with the World Cup itself, it’s just that the guy who took off was a big fan of football match and I happened to wave him goodbye in a World Cup season 8 years ago. I still remember one particular night when I couldn’t sleep thinking of him and I decided to watch a World Cup match to get myself bored hoping it could make me fall asleep. But of course it didn’t work! It made me think of him even deeper than before! That’s exactly why World Cup ends up identical to that one particular guy 😅

How bad was that heartbreak? Oh well, it was actually the reason behind this post. He took off, I felt so broken inside, I buried myself in tons of works from AM to AM, and then I got sick.

There is still this one untold story about what happened that night when I rushed myself to Medistra hospital. After the doctor letting me go, I still failed to sleep tight that night. As I wrote in that blog 8 years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with itchy rashes all over my body. The truth is that what happened that night was actually way more than just my itchy skins.

I felt extremely weak when I woke up that night. My stomach hurt so much I wanted to find help. I walked to my bedroom door but you know what? I was too weak just to press my bedroom door! Knowing that I was the only help I had, I decided to go to the bathroom that was located in my bedroom. I lived in my aunty’s home at that time and the bathroom was a big one with vanity desk, dry toilet, bathtub, and shower all in one room. After pouring the powders all over my body, I felt weaker and weaker. I never thought pouring a handful of powders could be so exhausting!

I decided to go back to my bed but that time, I was not strong enough just to walk 3 meters away to my bed. My sight got blurry and it felt like I was about to pass out. So I stopped trying to walk back to my bed and I decided to lay down on the bathroom floor!

That night, when I laid down on that cold bathroom floors, I thought of him again and I told myself, “Enough… this torture has to stop right here right now! I have to stop torturing myself for the one that got away. I should love myself enough to let him go!”

Right after that night, I finally decided to move on with my life. I stopped hoping he would come around, I stopped trying to figure out how to make things right, and I stopped blaming myself for everything that I did wrong. The irony is that, even after all my efforts to let him go, it took me another 3 years to completely move on. It was not because I wanted to, it was merely because one day he called me and he told me he was going to get married with his new girlfriend. Somehow to me, that day was also some kind of happy ending: it was a way out ticket from my misery.

I have been very careful with my heart ever since all those episodes. I never let myself fall for someone until I know for sure what I was falling into. And then tonight, as I read a news update on 2018 World Cup, it brought back memories and I started to question myself. “Have I really moved on from this guy?”

Yes, I have no feeling remains and I’ve even stopped searching for answers on what really happened between he and I… but I’m just wondering if my decision to be very protective with myself was a right decision to make. In the past 8 years, in the process of me protecting myself, I might have hurt the ones who genuinely cared about me. I was so scared I refused to believe on a new beginning.

I wish I could end this post with a happy ending or conclusive action plan on what I shall do from now on… but that’s not the case, not this time. Relationship is always one thing I’m terrible at and I haven’t managed to find the reason why. Whatever it is, there is this one important thing I know: I don’t want to end up laying on the bathroom floor again!

And I hope, I really really hope, at some point of time, I can just watch a World Cup match as if nothing ever happened to me many years ago. That to me my friend, would be my ultimate moving on goal!

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