When You Want Something, You Go and Get It!

Long time ago, I desired something so badly it started to scare me. The stake was high and I was unsure if it was worth all the risks and efforts needed to make it happen. So there I decided to take it for granted. I thought, that desire was only temporary and I would be just fine to live without it.

I thought I would be alright, until the day I learned that I had lost my chance. And that lost hit me hard. That was the first time I understood what it meant when people said that we didn’t really know what we once had until it was gone. It was forever gone. I had my chance and I lost it.

Years after that, regret of not doing my best still haunts me. Everytime this life takes me down to the rockbottom, I’ll look back to my past and I’ll wonder if there was anything I could have done any differently. I should have tried harder to make it happen, I should never let it go in the first place!

But of course, what’s gone is gone. There’s nothing I can do to change my past. All that I can do is just watching the life that I could have had from the sidewalk. Oftentimes I tell myself, “If only I tried harder, that could have been the life that I live in.”

If only I knew how miserable a regret could feel, I would have just fought hard to go and get if for myself. Because the truth is, if you think that giving it a try is scary, then believe me, regret will eventually scare you more. It’s so true when people says it’s better to try and fail rather than never try and always wonder. I really wish that I was that wise many years ago.

If you want something, the only thing you should do is simply doing your best, your very very best, to make it happen. Maybe you’ll fail, but maybe you’ll succeed. You’ll never know, until you’ve really tried.

Break a leg and make yourself proud!