Just Because He Was in the Past, It Doesn’t Mean He Was a Mistake

A friend used to tell me, “You should really get rid of him. He’s gone, he’s in the past, and he’s not worth the wait! You deserve way better than him.”

It was actually nice that I had a friend who looked out for me and I can really understand her point of view. With that being said, it doesn’t mean I entirely agree with her. Just because he was in the past, it doesn’t mean he was a mistake.


Because if I said that he was a mistake, it also suggested that I was making a mistake. That I was a mistake myself. And I refuse to think of me that way. I refuse to think of him that way.

There was a reason why I fell for him in the first place. I saw his very best back then. I saw a quality that he probably didn’t even realize. I saw something in him, and I really liked what I saw. Even when he turned to break my heart, I was still holding on just because I knew that the bright side of him was surely still there; right inside of him. And when I finally gave up, it was not because I gave up my faith on him; it was merely because I realized that his very best just unfortunately not belong to me.

So again, he was not a mistake. He was just a lesson that I can’t always get what I want to have. Just because I can see the very best of him, it doesn’t mean he can also see the very best of me. So there I learn how to have a big heart and get moved on with my life. And that’s that.

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