Find a Man Who Knows What He Wants with You

A friend asked me, “What should I do to make him make the next move? It’s going nowhere. I should convince him, shouldn’t I?”

I asked her back, “Why would you want to be with someone who needs to be convinced just to be with you? If it takes him a long time just to date you, how much times longer he needs to propose you? And if you have to put a great effort to convince him to be with you, chances are, you’ll always have to work harder to make him stay. Is that really what you want for yourself? For your future?”

Find a man who knows for sure what he wants with you. And the one who makes a real effort to make it happen. He doesn’t need to be as charming or as successful as you want from your dream guy, but he has to want you and love you the way you deserve it. 

Or else, don’t settle fot the less. You deserve better. You know you deserve better.

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