10 Random Thoughts – Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie

I watched this movie a couple of weeks back and I just managed to write down my thoughts.

Here we go!

  1. The village and the castle are beautiful! Can’t wait to visit the real castle and village that inspired this fairy tale!
  2. Emma is the most beautiful Belle I’ve seen;
  3. The prince is also cute… except when he puts too much make-up on his face;
  4. I really love the songs! I always love the songs. They reminded me of the broadway show I used to watch! Both are enjoyable!
  5. Promoting gay in this popular fairy tale? Really? They’re kidding me!
  6. A beast becomes a better person only in a week? Even normal people don’t change that fast!
  7. And two people can fall in love only in a week? Come on!
  8. It’s true that there’s always a good side in every people we know though;
  9. The Paris short trip is a nice touch. It fills the gap about Belle’s mother;
  10. I like how they keep most of the original story lines. I just regret the gay casts in this movie.

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