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Lie to Social Media is a Lie to Ourselves

Posted on: August 26, 2016

Lately I realize, some people (including myself!) can fake a lot of things in social media. I don’t do it often but when I realize some others are doing this, it gets me thinking, “Why do we do this? And whom are we kidding here???”

People post a lot of romantic pictures with their spouses while actually, they fight nearly all the times with each other.

People seem to have a lot of fun with their friends in their pictures while actually, they were busy with their phones and only got together when they took that cheerful pictures.

People post this and that just to imply they’re so in love while actually, they’re only trying to make their ex jealous, angry, regret their decisions and bla bla bla.

People fake their statuses trying to say how they have moved on from their ex while actually, they only lie to themselves thinking that it will make them look any better.

The way I see it now, we’re more focus on what it seems on social media rather than seeing what actually happens in the real life.

There’s nothing wrong from posting romantic pictures, it’s even can be so cute! But do make sure that you two are happy together too. Make an effort to make that romance happen in your real life!

There’s nothing wrong from taking pictures with your friends, but put down your phones and do actual talks when you’re sitting right next to them. Always make the real memories to be remembered and to be told to your grandchildren!

Having unfinished business with your ex? Just knock their door and tell them everything you always want to say out loud! Good things, bad things, just learn how to close your book properly!

Real life is a lot larger than just a Facebook homepage, Path timeline, and all of those tweets we have posted. When we lie to our social media, we’re actually lying to ourselves. And yes, we’re kidding to ourselves too!

Have fun with your social media, but don’t let you make fun of yourself in your own social media.


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Nice thoughts Riffa….!


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