Is There Any Easy Way to Deal with Broken Hearted?

broken heartAn old friend once asked me, “What should I do to get him out of my mind?” Or, to move on and leave him behind. To start fresh. To get back the days before our heart was broken into pieces.

I wish I had a good answer to this question. I wish I knew how to make this moving on thing easier for us. But no… It’s sad but no, there is no such a thing like an easy way to deal with broken hearted. We only need to get used to it until finally, someday we will just know that we’ve moved on already.

We need to get used to his absence in our lives. There’s no more him to listen to our stupid stories. There’s no more him to enlighten our days. There’s no more him to look forward to, ever. We need to live with the fact that things will never be the same again.

Or if we fall for someone that we can’t have, all that we need to do is giving up our hopes. Let it go. He may be there for us, he may make us laugh, he may be everything we want from a guy we love, but he may never be ours. Be strong enough to accept the fact that he doesn’t belong with us.

I know that there’s a lot things we can do to get rid of him. We can hang out and have some fun, we can also try to find someone new, yet at the end of the day, everything is nothing if we’re still hoping that he will find his way back to us.

Moving on will never be easy. There is no magic that is capable to make us forget him in a blink of eyes. This is one of the times we learn that we can’t always have what we want to get. This is how we learn to live with a big heart as a wise grown-up.

Just hang on, be strong, and we’ll get there. Someday, we will wake up in the morning, look back, and smile ourselves knowing that we have gracefully left that past behind us.

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