The Things I’ve Learned After Working for 7 Years

Seven years ago, I started my very first day in my career history. A freelance job in a small company, bus hopping from one client to another, worked on site during weekdays and worked on my thesis over the weekend. A first job that made me learn much more than a college can do. A job that made me learn how to speak, to be confident, to bring out all the best that I had in me.

Right after graduation, I made my dream come true: I worked as an auditor in a Big Four that I always wanted. Turned out that I didn’t want to do it for the rest of my life, yet I can’t deny that having this job in my CV has given me the opportunity to be the one that I’ve become. It’s the first place where I learned how to be an achiever at work, it’s the place where I learned how to survive in life.

Less than three years, I moved forward as a Company accountant. That new place was such a battlefield, it was that one tough place that made me find myself. I learned how to be strong, to be tough and unbreakable. I learned how I could wipe my tears and went back to my desk to finish my job by overnight.

Three years later, there I left again. I finally find a place that I enjoy the most. This new place feels like a different world to me. Though in the same time, it’s also the place where I learn to never give up. Trying to do my best has never been this hard before. It feels like if I can survive this, I can survive everything else to come.

Seven years I work, seven years I learn that the dreams will do come true. My very first traveling abroad, my first leather handbag, my dream car and a tiny apartment to look forward to. It’s also a seven years where I learn that I will never stop learning for the rest of my life. I have had so many ‘slap’ on the face that woke me up to become a better one. It was not only a seven years of hardwork and tears, it was also a seven years of laughter and joy.

Career anniversary is always important to me. It’s like a milestone, it’s a celebration of another year of life learning. Because for me, working is not only about earning a living. It’s not only about killing times and meet some new friends either. My career has been my identity, working hard is in my blood, it’s simply something that I can’t live without. It’s where I learn to live, learn to love, learn to let go, it’s where I learn how to be my best.

Hence apart from my complains, my rages, and my very bad mood in the morning, I am very much grateful for my career path. I may be in doubt about doing the same job until I get old, yet I know for sure that I should be thankful that I’ve reached this far. Being a Senior Manager when I was only 27 was indeed beyond my imagination. That’s why again, believe me when I say; it’s not easy to be me, but it’s fun! Hehehehe.

Happy seven years to me!

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