If You Hate Your Job that MUCH, Then Just Quit

A few minutes back, I’ve just finished reading a blog shared in Linkedin titled “10 Signs You Need a New Job in 2015.” A nice article that reminds me to a few random people I know. The people who really hate their job, who constantly saying bad things about their own employers, and the ones who told me they would leave their job for like a hundred times before.

So many well-said words written in that blog until I spotted one line that really caught my attention. The writer simply said, “If your colleagues are excited by the work they do or simply excited to be a part of the organization, don’t kill it for them.”

I find it absolutely true. Hatred is contagious. Hence if you genuinely hate your job, never ever let your hatred kills your colleagues’ excitement to work for your company. Don’t make them feel stupid for enjoying and loving their job. If the company is not right for you, it doesn’t mean it’s not right for them either.

I know that at this point, some of you may think, “It’s your own fault if you let this kind of thing gets under your skin.” But the thing is… I’ve been there before. I know how hard it is to stay happy after hearing so many bad things about my own job. I needed to struggle a lot, and keep saying positive things about my job to myself, just to hang on and keep going.

Sharing how you feel about your job is normal. I’m even a strong believer that sharing with friends can reduce my burdens. It’s just that now I realize that I can’t do it to every people I meet in the office. And I think, all of us need to start doing the same.

Stop saying how stupid your company is. Or saying how your company is run by a bunch of stupid people.

Stop announcing that your company will go down and running out of money in the next few years.

Stop bragging that you already have so many job offers which are much better out there, and stop saying that only hopeless people who are willing to stay in such horrible place.

Stop laughing when your colleagues say they are happy with their jobs and then telling them how wrong they are.

Or maybe, stop being annoying to your colleagues just because your personal feeling to the company. Stop answering people’s short and simple question with rage. Stop yelling and putting innocent people’s life in hell just because your own life feels like one.

So guys, if you already come to a point where you hate your job that MUCH, then just quit. Find a new job and start fresh. Until then, there’s no point to exaggerate your desperation and irritate all people around you. Even if later you’ve found a new one and about to leave the company, there’s no need to convince your colleagues to do the same. It they do feel the same about the company, they will find their own way.

One thought on “If You Hate Your Job that MUCH, Then Just Quit

  1. JNYnita says:

    Ada satu titik di mana ‘i hate my workplace too much’ tp bukan utk dikeluhkan, tp dicari solusinya.. Klo udah dapet, enak lagi kerjanya..
    Tp bagusnya jangan ngejelekin kerjaannya sendiri, krn spt meludahi sumur sendiri..

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