Love It When You Have It

Have you ever had a very best friend who used to know every little thing about you? The person you ran into everytime your life was falling apart, and the first one whom you called when something awesome just happened to you? It felt like you would be best friends forever with them, but then, they were just a stranger that you used to know. Now you don’t even know how their life is going, either they’re still single or taken, where they work, or maybe, you simply never see their face no more.

Have you ever loved somebody so deep that you thought you couldn’t imagine a life without them? The one who made you think you would do everything just to stay with them forever. The one that apparently was just temporary. Now if you think again, even if you had that second chance, you would never ever choose to get back together anyway.

Or have you ever loved your job and felt that it was exactly the place where you belong? You used to feel that you were so lucky to get that job, so excited waking up in the morning knowing that you would go back to work again. That one job that you never thought you’ll ever get bored. A job that finally starts to make you wonder, “Why am I still here?”

As a grown up, I’ve learned so many times that many feelings that heart can feel is temporary. It rapidly changes. From love to hate, from best friends to strangers. It was always beautiful in the beginning, but then it ended miserably.

So many years ago when I was still a little kid, a friend of mine told me, “My Mom said that I don’t need to look for a best friend. They don’t really exist. I’ll only be upset.”

As those many years passed me by, I never really listened what she said to me back then. I do believe in friendship. It’s just then I realized, not all friendship was meant to last forever. And it’s not only about friendship anyway. The job that felt right for me may no longer be a place I want to be in the next few years. The man I loved a lot may only end up as one of my ordinary good friends. It can happen in years, in months, in weeks, in days… I mean, who knows?

The hellos and good byes were there in our lives to make us learn. We learn what we did wrong that made them leave. We learn what we can and we can’t accept from people in our lives. We learn to appreciate the ones who stay with us with all our flaws. And the most precious thing, knowing that some things may only last for a while has made us learn to embrace every moment of our lives.

That’s why guys, don’t think too much. Keep making friends, keep making memories, keep falling in love, keep searching, simply keep living your life to the fullest! Cherish every second of your life as they may never ever happen twice. Believe me when I say, love it when you have it.

Have a great life!