My Birthday Note

Today is my 28th birthday. And today, I only want to write about how grateful I am with the life I live in.

Not much things to say. I simply want to thank God for all of the ups and downs in my life. For the dreams those do come true, and for the downfalls which make me stand even higher than before.

I also want to thank everyone who stays here with me; with all my flaws, with all my imperfections. For always having my back in the hardest possible time. For the supports, for always listening, for always understanding, for always finding a way back to me with their sincere forgiveness for all my faults.

Finally, I want to thank myself for learning, for finding, a true happiness in life. For accepting myself, for being the best that I can be, and for surviving every lowest point in 28 years of my life.

New age is always another new beginning for me. A new start, new hopes, a new finish line to run into. I really can’t wait to see how life can surprise me even beyond my imagination. Happy 28 years anniversary for me! I wish nothing but the best for me 😉

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