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Girls, Stop Falling for The Wrong Ones

Posted on: November 28, 2014

Girls, at some point, we should stop letting ourselves fall for the wrong ones.


Don’t fall for a guy just because he told you that you look pretty that day.

Or when he keeps telling you how smart you are.

Or how different you are.

Or any other pretty things that anyone can say.

He may have that super charming smile.

He may always say hello and asking how your day is going.

He may always make you feel special.

Feel pretty.

Yet again, don’t fall for him in a blink of eyes.

Remember girls, talking is easy.

You may be not the only one.

He may just enjoys being friendly.

Or maybe, he just enjoys being the center of attention.

Hey may only say things and forget.

Hey may never really care to every word you say back to him.

Don’t fall for him, until you know for sure, that you are his center of attention.


Don’t let yourself fall so easy to the gentle man.

The one who holds the door for you.

Who gives up his seats for you.

Who never lets you carry those heavy stuffs.

Who always makes you feel like a queen.

Maybe it’s true that he’s a gentle man, he’s a good man.

He’s harder to find these days.

But that’s it

Maybe he’s just being who he really is.

Maybe he’s just being used to be polite.

Maybe that’s just the way he was raised, to be a gentle man.

So girls, don’t fall for him, until you know for sure, that you’re indeed the queen of his heart.


Finally girls, don’t fall for a guy just because he’s always there when you’re in need.

Don’t let your heart melted when you saw him trying so hard just to help you out.

Don’t get him wrong when he’s being such a great listener for you.

Don’t think too much when you find he’s always around.

Because maybe, he’s just trying to be a good friend for you.

Yes, a good friend.

He may only does the things that the best friends usually do.

He helps you.

He cares about you.

He always listens while you speak.

Because that’s what a friendship is all about.

So don’t fall for him, until you know for sure, that he wants you to be his girl.


Again girls, at some point, you may want to stop wasting your times for the wrong ones.

However sometimes, it’s not about the wrong ones, it’s the wrong decisions instead.

It’s our own wrong decision instead.

We fall too fast.

We fall too easy.

We fall before knowing what we’re running into.

We are blinded with so many ideas in our heads.

We keep making the same mistakes, over and over again.

We keep making the same ending, for ourselves, over and over again.


In the beginning, it’s the mistake which made us learn.

It’s the wrong ones who made us know what we’re looking for in the right one.

However, at the end of the day, we’ve got to stop.

When it’s frustrating to feel a pain inside our heart.

When it’s exhausting to pick up the pieces for the hundreds times.

When we’ve started wondering what we always did wrong.

Then it’s the time for us to stop making obvious mistakes for ourselves.


We are too valuable to feel rejected.

Life is too valuable to be wasted for more broken hearts all over again.

Learn from our past.

Learn from our mistakes.

And when we are about to fall for another wrong one.

When we are about to fall so quickly.

Just remember one of those days when a broken heart knocked us down.

Just remember that we are a grown-up, who have a total control of ourselves.


Don’t fall too fast, until you know for sure, that you are running to your final stop.


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