10 Things I Love About November

November is always my most favorite month every year. Here are the reasons:

  1. I got the best, the sweetest, and the most touching surprises in Novembers;
  2. I got a lot of gifts!
  3. It gives me an excuse to buy myself a lot of presents! To spoil myself 😉
  4. I had the most memorable parties in this month;
  5. This month is so much fun. A perfect opportunity to meet up some old friends;
  6. So many old friends texted me or posted to my social media accounts;
  7. I had so many best wishes from families and friends;
  8. Many things happened which made me feel closer to the beloved ones;
  9. It’s always a right time to evaluate myself; and
  10. Why did I get all of those great things? Because November was my birth month 🙂 The best part of it, every year when I look back for the ages I’ve passed by, I always feel more and more grateful with my own life.

Can’t wait for my birthday this year! 😀

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